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Death of the Venerable Mrs. McDonald

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Rick B

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Rick B
Posted 02/22/06 - 08:47:44:

If you wish to do further research in this newspaper, you'll need to refer to it as "The South Bend Weekly Tribune". Otherwise volunteers doing lookups in St. Joseph Co. might not know which paper you are referring to. Rick B, South Bend, St. Joseph Co., IN
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Posted 03/04/06 - 22:49:49:

Please note that this particular newspaper did use the title of 'South-Bend Saturday Tribune' for its Saturday issue for a number of years during the late 1800's and early 1900's. When researching in this area, I would hope that the researcher will take into account the various newspapers available during the time for a particular area and not discount it simply because of the name of the newspaper. Most libraries will have newspapers listed by their title, therefore, if the Monday through Friday issues have one title, while the Saturday and/or Sunday issues go by another title, they will not necessarily be found in the same index. It is important therefore, to focus more on dates of a particular issue, not the issues title.
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