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East Mississippi TImes
East Mississippi TImes
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Description: Fire Sale by T. Katz Misc. News and Ads;
Ad for Miss Margarette Miller

Date: January 10 1908

Newspaper published in: Starkville, MS

Source: MSU Library

Page/Column: Pages 2 & 3

================== Page 2, Column 1 ==================
The Greatest FIRE SALE in the History
of Starkville and Surrounding Country.
$40.000.00 worth of High Grade Merchandise consisting of
Clothing, Dry Goods, Shoes, Hats, Ladies and Childrens Jackets,
Underwear, Embroideries, etc.
Will be offered to the trading public of Starkville, Oktibbeha County
and surrounding territory for
Less than Fifty Cents on the Dollar
Here is the greatest chance of a lifetime knocking at your door. Dont miss it no matter what the weather conditions may be, or how far you live from Starkville. You will, perhaps, never again be able to buy such merchandise at such satisfactory prices.
This stock was purchased from the Fire Insurance Company at a great loss to them, and which means a great gain to you.
We appeal to our customers and friends, and the public generally to help us get rid of these seasonable goods. We must sell these goods, no matter what they will bring. Everything will be marked in plain figures. We have secured a big force to wait on everybody who will attend this BIG FIRE SALE at
Mark the DATE, January 11 1908.

================ Page 3, Column 1 =================
Office Phone . . . . . . . . . . . . 208
Editors Residence . . . . . . . . . . 86
The Board of Supervisors were in session four days this week and transacted a great deal of business. The official proceedings will appear in the TIMES next week.
The roads are reported to be in very bad condition, but a gentleman who has traveled constantly lately over the roads of adjoining counties, tells us that Oktibbehas roads are much better than those of our neighboring counties.
Mr. Louis Kleban, manager of the branch store of the famous Dixie Bargain House at Houston, Miss., spent a few days in Starkville this week. He is well pleased with his business venture at Houston and says, next to Starkville Houston is one of the best little towns in the state.
Dont fail to read the page ad of T. Katzs Fire Sale. This promises to be the largest bargain sale ever made in Starkville. Some of the goods are slightly damaged, while most of them are not damaged at all. All will be sold at a great sacrifice. It will pay you visit this sale. You will find great bargains there.
We direct special attention to the statement of the Grenada Bank, which appears in this issue. This is one of the largest and strongest banking institutions in the State, and operates a branch bank in our neighboring city Ackerman. The statement shows a remarkable growth of this bank since its organization seventeen years ago.
A Backed up Chill Cure.
Any medicine, to have the approval of the public, should be manufactured by those who are known to thoroughly understand the manufacture of medicine. Dr. Notts Delta Chill Cure is scientifically compounded from the formula of an able physician, by the Hessig Ellis Drug Company, of Memphis, Tenn., whose name is an endorsement of the superiority of Dr. Notts Delta Chill Cure. If you want a tried and endorsed remedy put up by thoroughly responsible parties, ask for Dr. Notts Chill Cure. Druggists sell it as 50c per bottle.
Street Commissioner O. C. Davis has been doing good work on the streets and sidewalks of the city and deserves the commendation and thanks of all. The sidewalks are in better condition and the town is cleaner than it has been for years, and had it not been for the good work done on the streets during the dry weather they would be in a much worse condition than they are now.
This is to certify that all druggists are authorized to refund your money if Foley Honey and Tar fails to cure your cough or cold. It stops the cough, heals the lungs and prevents serious results from a cold. Cures la grippe cough and prevents pneumonia and consumption. Contains no opiates. The genuine is in a yellow package. Refuse substitutes. R. K. & F. L. Weir.

================ Page 3, Column 2 =================
Because Its Good for One Thing Only
And Mississippi People Appreciate This
Nothing can be good for everything.
Doing one thing well brings success.
Doans Kidney Pills do one thing only.
They cure sick kidneys.
They cure back ache, every kidney ill.
L. E. Adams, corner 29th Avenue and 9th Street, Meridian, Miss., says: I used Doans Kidneys Pills for Kidney and Bladder trouble. Before using them I had been under the care of a physician, he did not seem to understand my case and I became worse under his treatment. I finally gave up his treatment and commenced using Doans Kidney Pills which had been highly recommended to me. In a short time the inflammation and irritation had disappeared and I was as well as ever before in my life. They seemed to have a healing effect on my kidneys and bladder giving me case almost immediately. Dons Kidney Pills cured me and I am glad to add my testimony to their favor, to the many others who also testify to their great value.
For sale by all dealers. Price 50 cents. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, New York, sole agents for the United States.
Remember the nameDoansand take no other.
Special Announcement Regarding
The National Pure Food and Drug Law
We are pleased to announce that Foleys Honey and Tar for coughs, colds and lung troubles is not affected by the National Pure Food and Drug Law, as it contains no opiates or other harmful drugs, and we recommend as a safe remedy for children and adults. R. K. & F. L. Wier.
Who sent Gov. Vardaman that paper of hair pins for a Christmas present?
La grippe coughs are dangerous because they frequently develop into pneumonia. Foleys Honey and Tar not only stops the cough but heals and strengthens the lungs so that no serious results need be feared. The genuine Foleys Honey and Tar contains no harmful drugs and is in a yellow package. Refuse substitutes. R. K. & F. L. Wier. 2t.
What this country needs is more corkscrews, about this time of year.
An Insidious Danger
One of the worst features of kidney trouble is that it is an insidious disease and before the victim realizes his danger he may have a fatal malady. Take Foleys Kidney Cure at the first sign of trouble as is corrects irregularities and prevents Brights Disease and diabetes. R. K. & F. L. Wier.
New Years resolutions are easier to forget when you dont put them down in writings.
Stenographer and Typewritist,
Solicits your patronage.
Work done with neatness and dispatch.

================ Page 3, Column 3 =================
Of Grenada, Mississippi
Showing Condition of Grenada Bank
on Dec. 31, 1907
Loans and Discounts . . . . . . $880,380.94
Loans on cotton . . . . . . . . 202,753.89
Stocks and Bonds . . . . . . . 91,730.57
Overdrafts secured . . . . . . 4,636.12
Banking Houses (14) . . . . . . 69,651.32
Other Real Estate . . . . . . . 10,000.00
SIGHT EXCHANGE . . . . . . . . 308,983.23
CASH . . . . . . . . . . . . . 141,264.23
Total . . . . . . . . . $1,709,401.05
Capital paid in . . . . . . . . $250,000.00
Surplus and Profits . . . . . . 119,383.98
DEPOSITS . . . . . . . . . . 1,211,907.79
TIME DEPOSITS . . . . . . . . . 125,684.11
Dividend . . . . . . . . . . . 40.00
Interest on Time Deposits . . . 2,385.17
Total . . . . . . . . . $1,709,401.05
I, M. H. MOORE, Assistant Cashier of Grenada Bank, of Grenada, Mississippi, do certify that the foregoing is a true, full and exact statement of the assets and liabilities of said Bank on the day and date name therein, as shown by the books of same. M. H. MOORE, Assistant Cashier.
Sworn to and subscribed before me a Notary Public in and for the County of Grenada, Mississippi, this the 21st day of December, 1907. JNO. S. KING, Notary Public.
Seventeen years experience in Commercial Banking.
Seventeen years experience in dealing with customers.
Seventeen years ago capital stock was only $60,000.00
Seventeen years ago we had no surplus.
For seventeen years we have been paying demands of every kind in cash and in full. Our depositors are protected by six times as much capital, surplus and profits as they were seventeen years ago. We are paying deposits today without restriction.
Seventeen years from today this will be the largest and strongest bank in Mississippi. It ranks seventh in point of capital and surplus today. Do you believe in records, in good records, and do you believe in encouraging and patronizing progressive, reliable and responsible banks? If so, you should give us your business.
J. T. THOMAS - - - President
G. W. ARMSTRONG - - - Vice President
MAX GINSENBERGER - - Vice President
O. C. LEIGH - - - Asst Cashier
C. A. TORBERT - - - Asst Cashier
M. H. MOORE - - - Asst Cashier
Capital and Profits


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