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Daily Illinois State Register
Daily Illinois State Register
Contributed by Susan

Description: Golden Wedding Celebration – Mr. & Mrs. M. D. Clayton Observe 50th Anniversary of Their Marriage at Their Home in Glenarm – Large Number of Guests Present

Date: September 30 1909

Newspaper published in: Springfield, IL

Page/Column: Page 10

Golden Wedding Celebration – Mr. & Mrs. M. D. Clayton Are the Hosts – Observe 50th Anniversary of Their Marriage at Their Home in Glenarm – Large Number of Guests Present

One of the most beautiful events ever held in the village of Glenarm was the celebration yesterday of the fiftieth anniversary of the marriage of Marcus D. CLAYTON to Susan Ann MATTHEWS, fifty years ago. Over three hundred relatives, neighbors and friends assembled to do them honor.

The day was ideal, the sun shining through the azure blue sky and warming the atmosphere just to the degree that makes it most comfortable, which fittingly illustrated the amiable disposition of "Aunt" Susan and "Uncle" Marcus.

Mr. CLAYTON was born March 16, 1824, and celebrated his golden wedding anniversary at the age of seventy-five years. He was born near Crab Orchard, Caldwell County, Kentucky. He came to Sangamon County with his parents, Mrs. and Mrs. John Shelton CLAYTON, in the spring of 1834. They settled in Ball Township, and there he has since resided. Mrs. CLAYTON was born in Ball Township, this county, August 29, 1843, and has lived here practically all her life.

They were married about two miles north of where Glenarm now stands, September 29, 1859, by William Burtle, and will have lived in and near Glenarm practically every since.

They have four children living, three sons and one daughter: Charles of this city; Frank, Manford, and Mrs. Will Drennan, living near Glenarm, and seven grandchildren, all of whom were present.

Dinner and Programme
Dinner was served under a tent which was pitched in a corner of the yard where the tables were loaded with many good things that were brought in the well-filled baskets. They were also fittingly decorated with bouquets of flowers brought by the many relatives and friends, for all who know "Uncle" Marcus and "Aunt" Susan know them as their friends. They were also the recipients of many beautiful presents.

After dinner a short programme was rendered, consisting of addresses by the Rev. Thomas F. HARTMAN of Rochester, T. J. NUCKOLLS of Auburn, T. B. SHEPHERD of Pawnee and Charles W. Byers of Springfield. Music was furnished on the violin by Clark CAMPBELL and James BURTLE who are old associates of Mr. and Mrs. CLAYTON and who have played on many occasions in the community. Songs were also sung by a chorus of voices as all those in attendance formed in the line and shook hands with their hosts and wished them many more days of happiness.

The Guests

Among those in attendance from a distance were:

- Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Hartman, Rochester.
- Mr. and Mrs. John Matthews, Blue Mound.
- Mr. and Mrs. Clark Dragon, Zenobia.
- Mr. and Mrs. Henry McClure, St. Louis.
- Mr. and Mrs. James Rose and daughter Amy, Virden.
- Mr. and Mrs. John Mitchell, Virden.
- Mr. and Mrs. John Dill, Mowenqua.
- Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Clark, Moberly, Mo.
- Mrs. Nora Horne, New York.
- Mrs. Benjamin Oliver, Rochester.
- Mrs. Jane Poffenbarger, Edinburg.
- Mrs. Mary Matthews, Edinburg.
- Joseph Clayton, Virden.
- Mr. and Mrs. Underwood and daughter.
- Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Colean, Springfield.
- Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Byers, Springfield.
- Mr. and Mrs. Albert Knotts, Springfield.
- Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Drennan and daughter, Springfield.
- Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Pulliam, Springfield.
- Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Fletcher, Springfield.
- Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Stout, Springfield.
- Mrs. Frank Patton, Springfield.
- Mrs. Leslie Hadley, Springfield.
- Mrs. Mollie Jones, Springfield.
- Mrs. William Ball, Springfield.
- Miss Maude Matthews, Springfield.
- Miss Mabel Underwood, Springfield.
- Miss Helen Maginn, Springfield.
- Miss Anna Maginn, Springfield.
- Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Matthews, Springfield.
- Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Clayton and daughter, Springfield.

Others present were:

- Mr. and Mrs. Walter Drennan
- Mr. and Mrs. W. Colean
- Mr. and Mrs. Stradley
- Mr. and Mrs. J. Clayton
- Mr. and Mrs. George Dozier
- Dr. and Mrs. F. A. Laird
- Mr. and Mrs. E. Weber
- Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Dill
- Mr. and Mrs. H. F. McClure
- Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Shepherd
- Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Galloway
- Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Knotts
- Mr. and Mrs. A. Knotts
- Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Nuckolls
- Dr. and Mrs. S. C. Hewitt
- Mr. and Mrs. John Burtle
- Mr. and Mrs. G. Boyd
- Mr. and Mrs. John Ingels
- Mr. and Mrs. James Terry
- Mr. and Mrs. John Mitts
- Mr. and Mrs. John Burtle
- Mr. and Mrs. C. Purvines
- Mr. and Mrs. J. Moffitt
- Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Easley
- Mrs. and Mrs. Frank Allen
- Mr. and Mrs. John Dodds
- Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Archer
- Mrs. William Abell
- Mrs. W. H. Allbright
- Mrs. John Ball
- Mrs. F. E. Barbre (Barbee?)
- Mrs. William Brown
- Mrs. H. Burtle
- Mrs. J. H. Burtle
- Mrs. Jane Burtle
- Mrs. John Combs
- Mrs. Cullimore
- Mrs. George Davidson
- Mrs. Samuel Davidson
- Mrs. C. D. Drennan
- Mrs. Matilda Durbin
- Mrs. E. A. Dyson
- Mrs. William Dyson
- Mrs. W. B. Funderburk
- Mrs. T. Gatton
- Mrs. Haire
- Mrs. Fannie Harper
- Mrs. Susan Jones
- Mrs. E. A. Jordan
- Mrs. Helen Ketterer
- Mrs. Jacob Laird
- Mrs. J. P. Lawley
- Mrs. Fannie McMurray
- Mrs. N. Mottar
- Mrs. M. Morris
- Mrs. D. O'Keefe
- Mrs. F. L. Patton
- Mrs. Frank Plummer
- Mrs. Ella Pulliam
- Mrs. J. H. Pulliam
- Mrs. Anna Rhoades
- Mrs. S. J. Stout
- Mrs. L. Tilley
- Mrs. C. Vaughn
- Mrs. A. W. Wawneigh
- Mrs. C. F. Weaver
- Mrs. W. T. Weedman
- Mrs. J. H. White
- Mrs. R. B. Woodward
- Mrs. H. Zuskworth
- Miss Elizabeth Allen
- Miss Julia Allen
- Miss Lucille Allen
- Miss Sis Allen
- Miss Nora Boardman
- Miss Docia Bradey (Bradley?)
- Miss Emma Burtle
- Miss Esther Byers
- Miss Lucy Cantrall
- Miss Helen Colean
- Miss Lydia Colean
- Miss Etta Davidson
- Miss Flossie Davidson
- Miss Lelia Davidson
- Miss Daisy Dozier
- Miss Irene Dozier
- Miss Leah Drennan
- Miss Ethel Dyson
- Miss Alice Easley
- Miss Lelia Easley
- Miss Helen Gaeton
- Miss Genevieve Gatton
- Miss Lulu Hadley
- Miss Lizzie Henderson
- Miss Eleanor Hogden
- Miss Ida Huff
- Miss Laura Ingels
- Miss Gertrude Inslee
- Miss Annie Jackson
- Miss Mollie Jones
- Miss Bessie Jordan
- Miss Anna McGinn
- Miss Helen McGinn
- Miss Anna Megredy
- Miss Ethel Milner
- Miss Louise Mottar
- Miss Gertrude O'Keefe
- Miss Florence Patton
- Miss Nera Pulliam
- Miss Ruth Pulliam
- Miss Lowlie Purvines
- Miss Anna Rose
- Miss Minnie Scott
- Miss Grace Shively
- Miss Mary M. Shively
- Miss Florence Southwick
- Miss Ida Spicer
- Miss Margaret Spicer
- Miss Ethel Taylor
- Miss Rosa Taylor
- Miss Hattie Tilley
- Miss Lulu Tilley
- Miss Maude Tobin
- Miss Mary Tolbit
- Miss Mabel Underwood
- Miss Minnie Underwood
- Miss Annie White
- Miss Carmen White
- Miss Maggie Woodward
- Miss Opal Woodyard
- Mr. W. H. Allbright
- Mr. Harry Bartmess
- Mr. J. P. Black
- Mr. J. T. Black
- Mr. Jacob Burtle
- Mr. Samuel Burtle
- Mr. Charles Cullimore
- Mr. W. E. Cullimore
- Mr. George Davidson, Jr.
- Mr. Ewing Dodds
- Mr. J. H. Dodds
- Mr. Albert Dozier
- Mr. Charles Dozier
- Mr. Munford Dozier
- Mr. Roy Dozier
- Mr. Charles Drennan
- Mr. Clarence Drennan
- Mr. Andrew Easley
- Mr. Bunn Easley
- Mr. James Easley
- Mr. W. B. Funderburk
- Mr. Thomas Gatton
- Mr. Harry Hetter
- Mr. J. Inslee
- Mr. R. A. Jones
- Mr. James Ketterer
- Mr. Walter Ketterer
- Mr. H. Laird
- Mr. Everett Matthews
- Mr. Samuel Matthews
- Mr. Thomas Matthews, Jr.
- Mr. Asa Megredy
- Mr. William Megredy
- Mr. William Moore
- Mr. Norvell Mottar
- Mr. N. S. Plummer
- Mr. C. F. Pulliam
- Mr. E. Y. Schorm
- Mr. J. H. Shellhouse
- Mr. S. J. Shively
- Mr. W. R. Simpson
- Mr. E. W. Snow
- Mr. Philemon Stout
- Mr. J. H. Underwood
- Mr. William Underwood
- Mr. W. T. Woodman
- Mr. R. B. Woodyard
- Mr. Henry Zueckworth

Submitted: 12/22/12

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