The Huntsville Advocate
The Huntsville Advocate
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Description: Married - Morrison & Shepherd;
Died - John S. Reed

Date: November 23 1865

Newspaper published in: Huntsville, AL

Source: Library

Page/Column: Page 3, Column 3

On the 7th day of Nov., at Iowa City, Iowa, by the Rev. Dr. Fuller, Lieut. THOMAS MORRISON, of Bridgeport, Ala., to Miss ANNIE SHEPHERD, of Iowa City.

On the 26th October, at Fort Smith, Ark., Mr. John S. Reed, late of Iowa City.
The remains of the deceased were brought to this place and buried on the 15th inst. Mr. Reed was born in Massachusetts, but for the past seven years had resided in Iowa City. By the practice of those virtues that alone characterize the good man he endeared himself to all who knew him. He leaves as an inheritance to his family the record of a life redolent with good deeds towards his fellow men and of unremitting kindness and love to them. Believing in the efficacy of Christís atonement for the purification and final redemption of man, conformity to the precepts of the Holy Book was the cardinal principle of his life. He was no ranting zealot, nor dogmatical sectarian. His creed was the Golden Rule. Honesty, Charity, Industry and Faith in Christ, were the beacons that lighted his path way. He died resigned to the will of God.

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