Amsterdam Evening Recorder And Daily Democrat
Amsterdam Evening Recorder And Daily Democrat
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Description: Incinerated In A Freight Car

Date: May 15 1906

Newspaper published in: Amsterdam, NY


Page/Column: Page 1, Column 6

Mysterious Tragedy Out In Oregon
Body Rolls Out of Burning Car, Apparently Set Afire
by an Incendiary—Sheriff’s Posse Shoots the Wong Man—
Name Given as John Condley, of Pendleton, Ore.
Portland, Ore., May 1.—A dispatch to the Oregonian from Pendleton, gives the account of the mysterious burning yesterday of a freight car near Foster, Oregon, and the death of two person, one of whom is thought to have been murdered and the body consumed in the flames. The other was shot by a number of sheriff’s posses, under the belief that he was the murderer. The car was one of the Oregon Railway & Navigation railroad’s west-bound freight train, and contained household goods and two horses of Colonel S. W. Taylor, commandant at Fort Worden, Washington. It was in charge of Private William Wilson, twenty-fifth battery, Coast artillery and was en route from Fort Riley, Kansas, to Port Townsend, Washington. According to Wilson’s statement while he was currying one of the horses about 7 o’clock yesterday morning, the animal kicked him in the breast, causing insensibility. When Wilson came to he says that he found the car on fire. He turned the horses out of the moving car and they were killed in falling to the ground. Wilson says he then made his way to the caboose where he notified the trainman, who cut the car out at Foster siding.
After the car had been cut out a body, which it is stated, may have been either that of a woman or man, fell out of the end of the car. A physician says this body shows indications of foul play.
While the train was still standing at Foster a man who had been on the train declared that there were two tramps riding on the train, and both and been burned to death. This man hurriedly made his escape.
A sheriff’s posse followed him and ran down a man near Pine City, a few miles west of Foster, who was thought to be the fugitive. When ordered to surrender he made a motion as if to draw a revolver and was shot and fatally wounded by Posseman Otis McCarty. This man, before he died, gave the name of John Condley of Pendleton, Oregon. It is said he is not the man for whom the posse was hunting.
Wilson, who had proceeded with the trains was arrested at Umatilla and taken back to Foster. Wilson in his statement declared that he was alone in the car.


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