The Huntsville Advocate
The Huntsville Advocate
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Description: Gen. McCrocker Died;
Appoints NC Court Officials;
Parsons Asks to Suspend Pardons;
Executive Government of US

Date: August 31 1865

Newspaper published in: Huntsville, AL

Source: Library

Page/Column: Pages 2 & 4

=================== Page 2, Column 3 ==================
Brig. Gen. McCrocker of Iowa, died in Washington on the 25th.

=================== Page 2, Column 4 ==================
The President has appointed George W. Brooks United States District Judge, Daniel R. Goodloe, Marshal, and D. N. Starbuck, Attorney, for the District of the state of North Carolina.

=================== Page 2, Column 5 ==================
J. L. Pugh of Alabama, and E. S. Shofter, late members of the rebel Congress, have arrived in Washington. Gov. Parsons, of Alabama, has telegraphed to the President to please suspend all petitions for pardon recommended by him prior to this date. It is not known what prompted this movement, but it is believed to have some connection with the arrival in Washington of large numbers of pardon-seeking Alabamians.

=================== Page 4, Column 6 ==================
Executive Government of the U. S.
ANDREW JOHNSON, of Tennessee.
President pro tm of the Senate and acting Vice President,
SENATOR FOSTER, of Connecticut;
Secretary of State,
WM. H. SEWARD, of New York;
Secretary of War,
EDWIN M. STANTON, of Pennsylvania;
Secretary of the Navy,
GIDEON WELLS, of Connecticut;
Secretary of the Treasury,
HUGH McCULLOCH, of New York;
Attorney General,
JAMES SPEED, of Kentucky;
Post Master General,
WM. DENNISON, of Ohio;
Secretary of the Interior;


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