St. Louis Post Dispatch
St. Louis Post Dispatch
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Description: A Brother Objects to His Sister's Marriage and Forges Obscene Letters.

Date: May 6 1888

Newspaper published in: St. Louis, MO

Biddeford, Me., May 5. Stillman G. THOMPSON, a big, good-natured Kennebunkport farmer, loved and courted Miss Etta WATERHOUSE, the district schoolmarm. They became engaged to be married. About this time the schoolmarm began to receive numbers of obscene letters. Indecent drawings also were found on the school-room blackboard and the fences near the school. THOMPSON was suspected, and an intense feeling was aroused against him. He was indicted for criminal libel, but was discharged. Then the school teach brought a civil action on the same charge against her lover and was awarded $200 damages, the payment of which bankrupted the honest yeoman. A second indictment was found against THOMPSON and this time he was found guilty and was remanded for sentence. His lawyers suspected that the school teacher's brother, Forest WATERHOUSE, had written the obscene letters, and made drawings with a view of exciting public indignation against THOMPSON, whom he hated and did not care to own as a brother in law. By a clever ruse the lawyers came into possession of specimens of WATERHOUSES handwriting, and it was found to tally exactly with the writing in the letter. On this evidence WATERHOUSE was arrested and he was arraigned today. It was expected that the testimony today would be very nasty, and consequently the courtroom was crowded. THOMPSON, the lover, was present and kept his eye constantly on the young lady who had bankrupted him, and said he loved her still. He says he doesn't want the prisoner prosecuted, and would gladly stop it if he could bring about a reconciliation with Etta. The hearing today was not completed, but whatever the result is a marriage between the farmer and the school-marm is regarded as a certainty.

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