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New York Herald
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Description: Alabama Negro Insurrection;
Alabama Commissioner to South Carolina

Date: December 19 1860

Newspaper published in: New York


Page/Column: Page 10, Columns 1 & 2

================ Page 10, Column 1 =================
[From the Montgomery (Ala.) Advertiser, Dec. 13]
We have heard from a reliable source at a late hour yesterday evening, that an insurrectionary plot had boon discovered amongst the negroes somewhere between Dublin and Pine Level, in this county, and the evidence against the two white scoundrels who incited them to it is so overwhelming that the citizens of that vicinity have determined to hang them to-day, together with several negroes belonging to Mr. Allen and Mr. Fraser. The greatest excitement prevails. We are not in possession of any further particulars. We received this morning, says the MAIL, the following letter from Ramer, Post Office, in this county. It will serve to put the people every when on guard, without a word of comment from us. The necessary precautions should everywhere be taken at once, quietly, and this fiendish plot will be nipped in the bud, as it has no doubt been headed off in this county:—
December 11, 1860.
We have found out a deep laid plan among the negroes of our neighborhood, and from what we can find out from our negroes, it is general all over the country. The plot is this; they are to make a general rise during the Christmas holidays. We are now whipping the negroes—taking them as they come. We hear some startling facts. They have gone far enough in the plot to divide out our estates, mules, lands and household furniture. Their plan is this:—They are to kill the families on a certain night (that they live with), and then get together and take the country. They look for aid from Lincoln and the Northern people. We cannot find out the exact time, but they generally have pitched on Wednesday night, the 26th of December. No humbug in this. You may publish this, or as much of it as you see cause, and request the other papers to do the same.
Jesse G. Jones, T. J. Orme
John Orme, William Allen, Sr.,
J. D. Garrod, M. D., Hiram Thweatte,
J. M. Urquahart, Charles Walker,
P. G. Fannin, Henderson Norman,
W. B. Myrick

================ Page 10, Column 2 =================
The Daily Advertiser of Montgomery, Alabama, says, in regard to the projected measure to send a Commissioner to South Carolina:—We now take the liberty of stating, what is known to be a fact here, that Gov. Moore has selected Col. John A. Elmore, of this city, as Commissioner to South Carolina. No better appointment could have been made. Col. Simon is a gentleman in whose judgment and position then is the utmost confidence, and be is a South Carolinian with whom that gallant State may well be proud to treat as an ambassador from Alabama.

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