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The National Police Gazette
The National Police Gazette
Contributed by klstacy_home

Description: Served Them Right

Date: July 31 1880

Newspaper published in: New York


Page/Column: Page 11, Column 4

For several weeks past an organized band of masked, mounted men, suddenly seized with a spirit of moral reform, have visited houses in the southwestern portion of Virginia at night, taking men charged with immoral relations with females and inflicting the severest corporal punishment upon them. So great a terror has the gang caused among the men whose lives are not as virtuous as they might be, that many of them have fled to other neighborhoods to elude their persecution. About ten nights ago a band of these midnight callers paid a visit to Elijah Corder, a well-to do and highly respectable farmer, living near Hunter's Valley, in Scott county, called him out of bed and warned him that if he did not immediately send away a young lady who had been staying with his (Corder's) wife, they would call again soon and inflict the usual punishment. The man became frightened and, although entirely innocent of having committed any offense, and, least of all, that for which these outlaws were inflicting punishment sent his visitor away. His wife, however, recalled her, in defiance of the threats. In accordance with their promise, the masked men, with Tandey Barker at their head, called at Corder's house and demanded admittance. He replied by firing a load of buckshot into the gang, killing Barker instantly. The dead man's companions fled, leaving his body upon the ground.

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