Burlington Weekly Free Press
Burlington Weekly Free Press
Contributed by Joan H. Bixby

Description: West Rutland Unfortunate Family.

Date: January 19 1905

Newspaper published in: Burlington, Vt.

Source: Library of Congress

Page/Column: Page 9


The family of Mr. and Mrs. Walter W. Burr of West Rutland, has been the
victim of a remarkable run of calamities during the past few weeks, and
their hoodoo (sic) is still with them. Mrs. Burr has been ill for some
time, and during her illness, a short time ago, her youngest son, a lad
of about three years, died very suddenly. A post mortem examination
showed that the child burst a blood vessel in his head while at play.
About the same time their son, Malcolm, ran a nail into his foot and
tetanus set in. The saving of his life was considered a surgical
miracle. Now the same boy has a severe case of pneumonia. Both lungs are
affected and if he pulls through it will be a wonder.

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