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Description: Lynched in West Virginia

Date: February 2 1898

Newspaper published in: New York


Page/Column: Page 5, Column 5

A Negro Shoots a Watchman and Is Soon Strung Up
PARKERSBURG, W. Va., Feb. 1 Henry Draper, a night watchman at one of the long tunnels on the Norfolk and Western Railroad in Bramwell, Mercer county, was on duty last night about 10 o'clock when a negro came along the track end started to go through the tunnel. He was stopped by the watchman, who has orders to allow no one to pass through after night on account of the danger of being killed by the trains. This enraged the negro, who started to go through anyway. The watchman grabbed him, and the negro pulled his revolver and shot Draper, killing him instantly. Several persons happened to be hear the scene of the trouble, end a posse was organized. They soon succeeded in capturing the negro, who had run through the tunnel. He was taken to jail and placed behind the bars. A mob of about twenty men went to their homes, took down their rifles, and went back to the jail, where they had no trouble in getting hold of the negro, who was crouching in one corner of his cell. They took him a short distance from the town and then strong him up to a tree. After this had been done they backed away from aim, and each man fired on the dying man. The lynchers then disappeared. The negro's name could not be learned, and no one seems to have ever seen him before.

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