Vermont Phoenix
Vermont Phoenix
Contributed by Joan H. Bixby

Description: Killed His Chum.

Date: November 11 1904

Newspaper published in: Brattleboro, Vt.

Source: Library of Congress.

Page/Column: Page 3


Charles Spaulding of Poultney "Didn't Know It Was Loaded" and Gunshot
Blew Off Top of John Cole's Head.

John Cole, 15, son of Rollin Cole of Poultney, was shot and killed
Saturday by the discharge of a shot-gun in the hands of his chum,
Charles Spaulding. The boys had started to hunt squirrels at lake St.
Catherine, taking with them an old shotgun. They finally succeeded in
treeing a squirrel and then built a big bonfire at the foot of the tree
with the intention of driving the animal out. Spaulding states that they
became tired of the waiting and engaged in a friendly scuffle. Cole
snatched at the gun and Spaulding jerked the weapon away. He then took
aim at his companion's head, and supposing the charge had been fired,
pulled the trigger. The whole charge struck the boy's head carrying the
top of it away. The lad was dead before a physician could reach him.

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