Albany Evening Journal
Albany Evening Journal
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Description: A Matrimonial Disappointment.

Date: January 6 1860

Newspaper published in: Albany, NY

A curious termination of an intended marriage took place at Halifax on Sunday last. On that day, Henry GREAVES, of Mount Tabor, and Mary MITCHELL, of Gibbet street, in that town, had arranged to be married at the parish church. The wedding party met before the ceremony at the Spotted Cow Inn, in Gibbet street, and proceeded thence towards the church. When they had arrived at an inn named the Ring of Bells the bride found fault with her intended husband for not having his shoes clean. They, however, still pursued their journey, but so shocked was she on going along the aisle of the church in company with the dirty boots, that she renewed her complaints, and, setting at defiance all remonstrance, left the church and refused to be married. Dinner had been provided for sixteen and tea for twenty. After the return of the wedding party, the proportion of expenses to be born by each party formed a further topic of dispute. The disappointed bridegroom refused to pay anything unless he had the ring, which cost him 10s, returned, and then declined to contribute more than one half. The final issue will probably have to be decided in a court of law.

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