Middlebury Register
Middlebury Register
Contributed by Joan H. Bixby

Description: Rutland Court Cases.

Date: May 8 1903

Newspaper published in: Middlebury, Vt.

Source: Library of Congress

Page/Column: Page 1


RUTLAND, May 7.--Judge Willis M. Ross disposed of six drunks and a
breach of the peace case yesterday. The respondents were all old

Gideon Reed, Oliver Latour, Mrs. Latour, George McGinnis and Frederick
Murray pleaded guilty to intoxication and the customary fines and costs
were imposed. Mr. and Mrs. Latour were sent to the house of correction
for 10 days each, in default of money to pay their fines. The others
paid and were discharged.

Andrew Winters pleaded not guilty to intoxication and breach of the
peace. He was tried and found guilty and his fines and costs in the two
cases amounted to about $30. Winters took appeals and furnished $100

William Jerome pleaded not guilty to intoxication and he was acquitted.

John Lynch, of Poultney, paid Judge Ross $5 and costs of $7.55 for the
privilege of getting intoxicated in Rutland.

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