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Rutland Daily Herald And Globe
Rutland Daily Herald And Globe
Contributed by Joan H. Bixby

Description: Young Lady Attacked.

Date: November 21 1883

Newspaper published in: Rutland, Vt.

Source: Library of Congress

On Monday night Rose Potter, of Castleton, aged about 19, was coming on
foot to West Rutland, where she intended to stay over night with a
sister who resides there. As she approached the cemetery, which is
located on the west side of the main road, she observed a man ahead of
her, and he at the same instant perceived her. She then walked more
leisurely, hoping that he would keep on, but he also slackened his pace,
but again quickened it. The girl commenced to walk fast again, keeping a
little distance away, however, and this distance was preserved for a few
steps, when the man halted. The girl stopped also, but thinking the man
was only acting as he did for a joke, she started to walk quickly by
him. When opposite him the man made a jump at her, catching her by the
arm and throwing her with much force against a stone wall, at the same
time grasping her throat and choking her to prevent her giving alarm.
The brute kept up a mumbling during this time and appeared to be under
the influence of liquor. Fortunately a man happened to be approaching,
and the girl's assailant perceiving him released the girl and started on
a run across the fields. The girl told her story and a search was
immediately instituted, but without avail. The man is short and thick
set, but farther than that the girl is unable to describe him. Miss
Potter intended to come to Rutland to so some sewing for Mrs. E. C.
Tuttle, but was so bruised and frightened that she was unable to come
till last night. It is hoped the rascal will be caught and sternly dealt

Submitted: 04/27/13

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