Rutland Herald.
Rutland Herald.
Contributed by Joan H. Bixby

Description: Crime In Rutland.

Date: June 12 1866

Newspaper published in: Rutland, Vt.

Source: Library of Congress


Crime seems to be on the increase in our community judging from the past few days' experience,
and what we hear from some of those of our citizens who have resided here much longer than we have;
and unless there is less indifference manifested, or more "back-bone" among those who really desire
a better state of things, we are certainly destined to go from bad to worse. We alluded, yesterday,
to the attack on Mr. Charles C. Root, while quietly walking along Merchants' Row, who was knocked to
the ground, and several "free fights." We since learn that some half dozen or more of our citizens
were violently assaulted the same night, among whom were Cephas Alvord, Michael Quin, Augustus Ross
and Joseph Rice. Among the assailants we have learned the names of only John Haley, James Mahar,
James Harrison, and a man named Franklin. Haley and Mahar were arrested yesterday morning, and compelled
to pay fines and costs to the amount of $11.74 each.

George H. Smith and a woman named Mary Ann Sullivan were brought before Justice W. H. smith on charge of
being drunk and disturbing the peace, and in default of $11.35 as fine and cost for each, they were committed
to jail.

On Friday night, Patrick Waters, living on Green Street, maddened by excessive drafts of ale assaulted his
wife,while in bed, and dragged her upon the floor where he beat and stamped upon her so that her life was
despaired of.She was taken to the house of W. H. B. Owen where she had worked for many years and where she
is now cared for by Dr. Cyrus Porter. The drunken brute broke her collar bone, two or three of her ribs and
bruised her about the chest, face and neck. Her recovery is now considered doubtful. Waters was required
to give bail in the sum of $1000, and failing to do so was committed. His examination was postponed until
the fate of his wife is more definitely known.

John Kennedy was yesterday arrested, charged with committing assault and battery on Franklin in one of the
private apartments of the depot. Franklin had knocked down one of Kennedy's friends on Saturday night,
and it was Kennedy's time for revenge. He paid the usual penalty.

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