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Contributed by Gigimo

Description: From New Mexico - Great Slaughter of Indians by Col. CRITTENDEN.

Date: February 11 1861

Newspaper published in: New York, NY

A letter to the St. Louis Republican states that Col. CRITTENDEN, son of the distinguished United States Senator, on the 27th of December, marched from Fort Union, at the head of eighty-eight men and officers of the mounted rifles, in pursuit of a large war party of Comanches and Kiowas, who were reported to be depredating on the Cimmeroncita. After following their trail rapidly, sometimes by night, he found and surprised them on the morning of the second of January, in camp near Cold Spring, and, after a severe fight, completely routed them, destroying their camp and property,and capturing a great many horses.

There were one hundred and seventy five lodges in the camp, (one of them containing exclusively ammunition,) all of which were destroyed. Ten warriors were left dead; number of wounded unknown. Corporal BOURKE of the rifles, and three privates, were wounded, none mortally.

The officers with Colonel CRITTENDEN were Capt. LINDSAY, and Lieutenants MCRAE, W. H. JACKSON and CLAFLIN.

The Indian force was probably several hundred. Only sixty rifles were actually engaged, and the whole affair is regarded as one of the most daring, brilliant and successful attacks which has occurred in this territory for some time.

The men were well mounted, and were armed with the Harper's Ferry rifle, which the regiment has borne since 1846, and with Colt's revolvers.

The attack occurred near where Sergeant MCCABE of the Rifles defeated a large force of the same tribes was collected with a view to commence active hositilities upon the road from Independence to Santa Fe.

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