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Evening Star
Evening Star
Contributed by barbara-dave

Description: Lovecraft Suicide Page 1

Date: October 27 1893

Newspaper published in: Washington, D. C.

Evening Star October 27, 1893 Lovecraft Suicide Page 1

Fear of Poverty Drove Him to Suicide.

About a month ago Mr. Frederick LOVECRAFT of New York, who yesterday shot himself, was attacked with nervous prostration. He gradually grew worse and only Wednesday the physicians told Mr. A. M. PALMER they feared Mr. LOVECRAFT to be insane and, unless he was watched, he was likely to make an attempt to kill himself. On account of the serious nature of his illness it was intended to take him into the country. Col. KEARNEY, his intimate friend, was out making the arrangements for the transfer when Mr. LOVECRAFT shot and poisoned himself. The recent financial stringency had much to do with the causes which led to LOVECRAFTs suicide. Mr. PALMER says that Mr. LOVECRAFT was worth at least $150,000. He was anxious to make money and be rich and was interested in numerous schemes which loaded him down with worthless stocks when the crash came. In this way over $100,000 vanished. He worried over his losses and became despondent. Day by day he grew worse and was finally seized with nervous prostration. Mr. LOVECRAFTs delusion was that all his money was gone and that he was a poor man. Col. KEARNEY went over his friends fund account and found $60,000 of his fortune remained, but it was impossible to get LOVECRAFT to believe this.


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