Burlington Weekly Free Press.
Burlington Weekly Free Press.
Contributed by Joan H. Bixby

Description: Jennie Russell of Clarendon Arrested.

Date: May 8 1913

Newspaper published in: Burlington, Vt.

Source: Library of Congress

Page/Column: Page 14


Rutland, May 2, --A woman, who was formerly Miss Jennie Russell of
Clarendon, arrested at Claremont, N. H., by Deputy Sheriff James
McDonald of Bellows Falls, was brought to Rutland this morning to answer
a charge of bigamy preferred by State's Attorney B. L. Stafford. The
officers in this county have been looking for the woman for several
days. She came to Vermont after her arrest without extradition papers,
and is locked up in the county jail to await hearing in city court
Monday morning.
The woman's arrest is the outcome of the arrest of Harry Smith of Pawlet
on a bigamy charge some time ago. The present Mrs. Smith, formerly
Minnie Tucker of Castleton, made a complaint to State's Attorney
Stafford that she had discovered that Smith had another wife, the
Russell woman. His defense is that he married Jennie Russell, but soon
found that she already had a husband and left her, supposing that his
marriage had been illegal and that he was free to marry again if he
wished. The authorities have a bigamy case with unusual features to

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