The Pensacola Journal
The Pensacola Journal
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Description: Gambler Killed in Pistol Duel

Date: November 7 1906

Newspaper published in: Pensacola, FL


Page/Column: Page 3, Column 4

By Associated Press
Reno, Nev., Nov. 6.In a pistol duel here last night at the Palace Saloon, Ed Ferrell, a gambler, was killed by Charles Kuchs, a bartender. Kuchs jealousy over the attentions which Ferrell is said to have been paying his wife, led to the crime. Kuchs is said to have been looking for Ferrell all day. Ferrell was warned and both were prepared as they met in the saloon. Firing began immediately and Ferrell staggered out of the door pierced through the body with two bullets and died a few moments later in a hospital. Kuchs received three wounds, none of which are serious. He is under arrest.
Three by-standers received slight wounds.

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