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Huntsville Daily Mercury
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Description: Hon. Henry W. Hilliard

Date: November 7 1885

Newspaper published in: Huntsville, AL

Source: Library

Page/Column: Page 2, Column 3

Mobile Register.
This venerable statesman who was once an honored citizen of Alabama, and who led the whigs so often in their battles, is now visiting Montgomery, and has been invited to deliver a series of lectures giving his reminiscences of old political days when he and Yancey were so conspicuous in our politics, the proceeds of the lectures to go to the Confederate Monument Fund. It would be a pleasure to the people of Mobile to have Mr. Hilliard repeat his lectures here for the same object. No doubt it would be the means of creating a considerable fund for a patriotic purpose.
Mr. Hilliard was member of Congress from the Montgomery District way back in the forties. He was subsequently Minister to Belgium. During the war he was Colonel of a legion, and after the war was Minister to Brazil under Hayes. He was once a Professor in our State University. Mr. Hilliard is an eloquent and interesting man, and has been held to be one of the most cultivated of our public men.
The Birmingham Chronicle says of him:
There is a probability that Henry W. Hilliard will lecture in Alabama for the proposed Montgomery monument to the Confederate dead. How fitting would this be. No Alabamian who lays any claim to intelligence could afford to miss it. Hilliard, the rival of Yancey, to lecture on the life and times of Yancey. It would be the maker of history teaching us history. All of it Hilliard saw and much of it Hilliard was. The very idea is sublime. Hilliard standing with uncovered head recounting the times when he and his gifted rival led respectively the union and secession thought in Alabama.
Happy will be those who can hear this history from him whose name is on every page of it. Strong men, now, were children in those days. Hoary heads now were glossy then. Thousands who heard the eloquent words of these men in those oratorical battles, died for the opinions Hilliard then condemned. He has over-lived them all nearly and stands like a monument of a past generation.
A lecture tour by Hilliard to raise money to build a monument to those who died upholding opinions against which he warned them, will be a sight not often seen in a generation.
No doubt the citizens of Huntsville would be delighted to hear the gifted Hilliard, and should he deliver the lectures in Montgomery, we hope he will be induced to repeat them in Huntsville.

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