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San Francisco Bulletin
San Francisco Bulletin
Contributed by Gigimo

Description: Kidnapping Indian Children in Mendocino County. WOODMAN

Date: March 27 1861

Newspaper published in: San Francisco, CA

A report has been abroad that some of the settlers in Long Valley, Mendocino county, have kidnapped and disposed of Indian children to parties in the lower valley. Among others, G. H. WOODMAN, formerly of Napa, has been charged with being implicated in such transactions. Mr. WOODMAN writes to us that he did, in fact, take some Indian children, of the Rispoiner tribe, from Long Valley to the lower valleys, but that it was done by request and consent of their relatives. He further states that he took down one of the head men of the tribe, to see for himself the homes provided for the children, and that he returned highly pleased with their situations. Mr. WOODMAN's statement is further corroborated by a certificate signed by 44 of the residents of Long Valley. They deny that there was any kidnapping in the case, and state that the children were taken by the consent of their kindred, and that no stock has been killed on their account, as has been reported. They say that the children are much better off where they are, and that their removal has been beneficial to the community, since if they had remained they must have starved, unless the Indians had killed stock for them to live upon. The certificate closes by saying that the more of them that can find homes in the lower valleys, the less stock the Indians will destroy to feed their children. (Napa Reporter)

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