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Rutland Daily Herald
Rutland Daily Herald
Contributed by Joan H. Bixby

Description: Elevator Accident.

Date: November 30 1891

Newspaper published in: Rutland, Vt.

Source: State Library at Montpelier, Vt.


Condition of Eastman and Kelly, Who Were Injured Friday.

John E. Eastman and J. T. Kelley, who were injured in the elevator
accident in S. P. Curtis feed store Friday, are getting along nicely and
are coming out in better condition than the doctors expected.

Mr. Kelley was out doors Saturday and yesterday, but is very sore and
lame and complains of pains in his head. He has no recollection of the
accident and does not remember anything after the elevator fell.

Yesterday noon Drs. Senton and Pond put Mr. Eastman's broken arm in a
plaster cast and he will have to be careful for a few days about moving
around. The doctors do not think he was injured internally. He complains
of the bruises about his body. He too, has no recollection of the accident.

Submitted: 10/04/13

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