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Evening Post
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Description: Death of Janet Barclay

Date: May 31 1824

Newspaper published in: New York, NY

Page/Column: 2

Death of Janet Barclay

Died, at Scotland-wells, in Kinross-shire, on the 20th ult., Janet BARCLAY, a well known character for garrulous honesty and hospitality, who had kept a public house of some note in her native village, for upwards of half a century, long the general resort of the quidnuncs and country politicians, where many a knotty point both in church and state was discussed. Her ambition was to render her customers comfortable and save as much from the profits of one year as would pay the King's license for the next. In this, however, towards her 45th year in trade, poor Janet failed no license for that year was taken. She was called before the Justices and fined in the sum of five pounds. When the sentence was pronounced, Janet cast a significant glance to the upper end of the table "Ah hae ye really fined me, Truffie?" "Deed hae we, Janet." "How muckle?" "five pounds," replied the venerable Justice "Five pounds?" vociferated Janet, looking towards their honours with a sardonic grin on her countenance that spoke more than she could utter. "Ah weel, gentlemen, I canna but thank ye I am really much obliged to ye. Had ye fined me o'five shillings, I wad hae made a sair struggle to have paid it; but for five pounds, deed I'll ne'er fash by thumb about it; sae fare ye a' weel, ye's no soon see Jenny Barclay's face in a worricrow court again. Dropping a low courtesy, Janet walked off, rejoicing at the extent of her fine. She never obeyed another summons, and still continued to keep an open door for friends and favorites.


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