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Description: He Beat His Mother In Law;
Grant Post Will Be There;
A Youthful Highwayman;
He Set A Trap;
An Aged Woman Wandering on the Streets

Date: July 19 1890

Newspaper published in: Brooklyn, NY


Page/Column: Page 6, Columns 8 & 9

================ Page 6, Column 8 =================
Ex-Convict Herman Sent to Jail for Twenty Days
Gustav Herman, a burly ex-convict, was arraigned in the Adams street court this morning on a charge of assault preferred by Margaret King of 56 Main Street, his mother in law. With Mrs. King live her daughter, Herman and their four children. Herman is too lazy to work, and so his mother in law supports the family by taking in washing. While she is willing to do that she has very strong objections to being pounded by her son in law. On the 10th inst. Gustav became enraged at Mrs. King's remarks about lazy people, and struck her in the face.
She went to Justice Walsh and got a warrant for his arrest and it was given Court Officer Horan to serve. Gustav ran away at the time of the assault and it was only by following Mrs. Herman from her home last evening that the officers discovered the husband. He and his wife were taking a walk through Fort Greene Park when the officer placed him under arrest.
In court this morning Gustav pleaded guilty and Justice Tighe, sitting for Justice Walsh, sent him to jail for twenty days. Mrs. King said it was not the first time he had assaulted her. Herman served a term of two and a half years in Sing Sing some time ago for larceny.
Its Members Ready to Participate in the G. A. R. Encampment
U. S. Grant post No. 327, G. A. R., of which Postmaster Collins is commander, has voted to attend the national encampment of the grand army of the republic in Boston August 12, 13 and 14. The members of the post will leave by Fall River steamer Monday evening, returning on the Thursday evening following. While in Boston they will stop at the American house. The indications are that nearly every member of the post will attend, as thus far the following members have sent their names to the adjutant for transportation and hotel accommodation: W. O. Andrews, James H. Ayres, Ira Ayer, G. W. Brush, W. H. Barker, James A. Bills, H. H. Beadle, A. Burlett, John Boles, Thomas Bell, O. F. Balston, H. T. Bartlett, W. H. Beebe, W. W. Brodie, G. M. Book, G. J. Collins, B. B. Corwin, H. M. Calvert, Charles Crowell, Charles Carroll, M. J. Corbett, P. S. Clark, William Corrigan, James Dean, M. Demarest, F. E. Edgar, Charles Edmondson, O. M. Fisher, A. Fiala, W. Fawcett, S. H. Frankenberg, A. H. Frost, George Gunther, J. V. Grant, B. C. Gowing, W. E. Griffiths, J. Cox Hull. J. P. Howatt C. F. Hammell, Frederick Hayes, A. Jacobs, W. A. Jones, W. P. Jones, H. W. Knight, T. J. Linnikin, J. Keith, G. Keymer, P. Kempel, A. Lippett, M. Livingston, E. C. Moffat, Henry Morrison, John Moore, A. Mercer, H. Myers, William H. Miller, O. W. Marvin, John Miller, B. A. McCormick, E. J. Mott J. N. Matlock, O. H. Merrill, G. W. Munson, J. G. Nooman, G. A Price, A. F. Parsons, J. M. Palmer, E. Rutzler, W. H. Sloan, J. G. Stanton, J. C. Slaght, L. A. Souville, James H. Smith, David Smith, M. H. Topping, N. Tebbitts, D. A. Templeton, A. C. Tate, James Tanner, W. J. Tate, J. Townsend, G. F. Tait, C. H. Townsend, G. W. Van Mater, Z. C. Waterbury, M. T. Winters, C. W. Walton, C. F. Wright J. H. Whittaker, L. Warner, P. J. Williamson, J. A. Wight E Schenck, H. P. Smith, J. H. Studley, L.S. Parker.
Eleven year old George Eckstrom, of 294 Atlantic Avenue, was arrested last evening charged by Charles Johnson, 10 years old, of 175 Pacific Street, with stealing 87 cents from him. Charles said, that the prisoner met him on the corner of Beerum place and knocked him down and took the money out of his hand. The charge was not pressed this morning and Eckstrom was discharged.

================ Page 6, Column 9 =================
By Which to Capture a Recreant Husband
Edward M. Bailey Caught with His Wife’s Help—A Decoy
Letter Which Beguiled Its Victim Into Officer Dunn’s Clutches
Officer Robert Dunn, of Justice Goetting's court, cleverly entrapped last night a truant husband, Edward M. Bailey a young dry goods clerk late of 293 Union Avenue, for whom he had been looking for several weeks. Bailey had been arrested on June 8 on his wife's charge of abandonment and when arraigned in court several days later his professions of repentance were so pronounced and his promise to care for his wife and child apparently so sincere that the magistrate paroled him in his better half’s custody for two weeks. When he had departed from the shadows of the court room be gallantly doffed his hat to his spouse, and with the remark to a friend that he had a business appointment to keep, departed in the direction of Broadway. He failed not only to visit his wife, but to send her any money for her maintenance. Officer Dunn was notified and he called at all the haunts of Mr. Bailey without finding him.
"Now," said Dunn to Mrs. Bailey, who meantime had gone to reside with her mother, Mrs. Code, at 479 North Second street "you tell some of your husband's friends that you would like to see him to make up friends again and that in any case you want no money; from him."
She promptly wrote an affectionate epistle to her husband, and a friend conveyed it to him. An appointment for a meeting at North Second and Lorimer Streets was made for 8 o’clock last evening. Officer Dunn thought it too near her house and told her to invite the husband inside. When Bailey made his appearance his wife told him that she would forget and forgive all, gave him a kiss and asked him to her house. He did not desire to meet her mother and refused to go. She excused herself for a few moments so as to arrange her toilet. When she returned both walked a couple of blocks to Devoe and Ewen Streets by arrangement on her part with the officer after she had re-entered the house, and when passing a large tree Dunn sprang from behind it and arrested Bailey. After he had recovered from his surprise he realized that the letter was a decoy, setting the trap into which he had fallen.
"Come to court to-morrow morning,” said Dunn to Mrs. Bailey as she walked away with a smile on her countenance.
Justice Petterson, sitting for Justice Engle, this forenoon held Bailey for trial next Tuesday.
Ann Dalton, a woman apparently about 80 years of age was found wandering about the streets late last night and was brought to the first precinct station house by a citizen. She says she lived with her son at Baltic and Bond Streets, but inquiry by the police fails to locate him. She is evidently demented.

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