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Description: Caught by the Grip, Released by Peruna - Covell

Date: March 12 1903

Newspaper published in: Pittsboro, MS

Source: MSU Library

Page/Column: Page 3, Column 5

LA GRIPPE is epidemic catarrh. It spares no class or nationality. The cultured and the ignorant, the aristocrat and the pauper, the masses and the classes are alike subject to la grippe. None are exempt—all are liable.
Have you the grip? Or, rather, has the grip got you? Grip is well named. The original French term, la grippe, has been shortened by the busy American to read “grip.” Without intending to do so a new word has been coined that exactly describes the case. As if some hideous giant with awful Grip had clutched us in its fatal clasp. Men, women, children, whole towns and cities are caught in the baneful grip of a terrible monster.
Pe-ru-na for Grip.
Mrs. Celeste Covell writes from 219 N. Avenue, Aurora, Ill.:
“Only those who have suffered with la grippe and been cured can appreciated how grateful I feel that such a splendid medicine as Peruna has been placed at the door of every suffering person.”—Mrs. C. Covell.

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