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The Sunday Herald
The Sunday Herald
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Description: Threw Vitriol in His Face. Mrs. Bertha PAUL Avenges an Alleged Insult Offered by H. B. DICKINSON.

Date: August 2 1891

Newspaper published in: Chicago, IL

H. B. DICKINSON's facial comeliness was marred last night by vitriol, thrown by Mrs. Bertha PAUL, of 430 Western avenue. The man's injuries are slight considering what they might have been had the woman's aim been as unerring as her intent, but, as it is, his disfiguration is bad enough. Mrs. PAUL was arrested and her husband was taken along as an accessory. At the Maxwell Street Station the prisoners admitted that Mrs. PAUL had thrown the vitriol, and justified the act, in their own minds, with the statement that DICKINSON had once tried to assault her.

When Mrs. PAUL, well-dressed, pretty and self-confident, bought the drug at a shop at the corner of Western avenue and Harrison street, between 4 and 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon, she gave intimation of her purpose. She knew where to find Mr. DICKINSON at a certain hour - at his office - and there she hid behind a door, holding the uncorked bottle in her hand. When her victim appeared she threw the fiery stuff full in his face. DICKINSON was blinded and his cries for help were feeble, as the fluid trickled into his mouth. He staggered forward, seemingly in an endeavor to grapple with his assailant. His action was unnecessary, for Mrs. PAUL had fled, after seeing that he plans had met with success. Mr. DICKINSON recovered sufficiently to gain the doorway, and her he was assisted by friends who had heard the disturbance. He was removed to the county hospital, where it was found that he was not seriously burned. The skin on his face and neck had peeled off in places, but his eyes had escaped contact with the poison. The burning fluid had left long traces of its terrible effect upon his cheeks, and altogether he presented a pitiable spectacle.

The story of the trouble dates back to June. DICKINSON, who is a real estate dealer living at 1008 West Polk street, had his office in the Paul cigar store at 430 South Western avenue. Naturally the joint occupants of the place became well acquainted. One day, Mrs. PAUL says, DICKINSON called her into a back room of the store and their treated her in a manner which inspired her with a desire for revenge. She caused DICKINSON's arrest but Justice WOODMAN discharged him. This did not satisfy the complainant and the vitriol throwing is the result of a determination arrived at since the justice court dismissal. Mrs. PAUL is now charged with an attempt to murder. She did not appear, last night, to realize the enormity of her offense.

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