Buffalo Evening News
Buffalo Evening News
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Description: Grover's Booming Syndicate

Date: August 12 1890

Newspaper published in: Buffalo, NY

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Page/Column: Page 1, Column 3

Ex-Secretary Whitney Denies Any Knowledge of the
Newspaper Combine to Secure Cleveland’s Re-nomination
NEWPORT, Aug. 12.— Ex-Secretary Whitney was seen last night in reference to the alleged syndicate of penny papers, of which Melville B. Stone of Chicago is said to be at the head for the purpose of booming Mr. Cleveland for the Presidency. Mr. Whitney was about to go out to a dinner, but delayed sufficiently to answer a question as to whether he had any connection with the syndicate. He said that, as a matter of fact, this was the first time he had heard the story, and that as far as he was concerned it was ridiculous and absolutely untrue. He had no time or disposition to go into newspaper syndicates for any purpose whatever. He thought the whole scheme a thoroughly ridiculous one. As he was not interested in it he could say nothing further.
CHICAGO, Aug. 12.—John J. Knickerbocker, the particular friend and confidential attorney of Melville E. Stone, declares that there is not a word of truth in the story that Mr. Stone is at the head of a $2,000,000 newspaper syndicate Intended to cover seven or eight of the larger cities and to boom ex-President Cleveland for a second term.

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