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Description: A Veteran's Story - A. E. Ayers for Dodd's

Date: May 7 1903

Newspaper published in: Pittsboro, MS

Source: MSU Library

Page/Column: Page 2, Column 6

A Veteran’s Story
Bath, N. Y., April 13th.—The first consideration of the Commandant and Officers in the conduct of the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Home here, is the health of the Veterans. Kidney Troubles are the most common cause of ailment, very few of the old men escaping these in some form or other.
Of course the comrades do as much as possible for themselves and one of the most popular and useful remedies employed is Dodd’s Kidney Pills which seem to be almost infallible in case of Kidney derangements. Indeed, there are among the veterans, several who claim to owe their lives to Dodd’s Kidney Pills.
For instance, A. E. Ayers, who came to the home from Minneapolis, Minn., was given up by four doctors in that city. He had Bright’s Disease and never expected to live through it, but his life was saved and his health restored by Dodd’s Kidney Pills.
His experience has made the remedy very popular among them men and no one who has used Dodd’s Kidney Pills for any Kidney Trouble has been disappointed.

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