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Description: Auctions Page 6

Date: March 25 1915

Newspaper published in: Washington, D. C.

Washington Times March 25, 1915 Auctions Page 6

Waives Extradition Proceedings, Declaring He Can Prove Innocence.

Waiving extradition proceedings, W. St. John RUSSELL, the young Englishman arrested here several days ago on charges of false pretenses, is to be returned to England as soon as necessary formalities are arranged through the State Department.
RUSSELL was brought before United States Commissioner Anson TAYLOR late yesterday and was confronted by Richard MATTHEWS, inspector of the Liverpool police, who testified that RUSSELL’s real name was William Pinches St. John SUTCLIFFE, and that he was wanted on thirteen complaints of false pretense in England.
The English inspector said seven warrants had been issued for the arrest of the prisoner and the original papers were on the way. Inspector MATTHEWS produced what he swore were carbon copies of some of the complaints.
RUSSELL, or SUTCLIFFE, who has been registered at a local hotel with a young woman as “E. B. BRUCE and wife,” was calm throughout the brief hearing. The young woman was not present, but she probably will return to England on the same boat with the accused man.
Attorney James EASBY-SMITH, representing RUSSELL, told Commissioner TAYLOR there was no desire to fight extradition as the defense of his client could be established only in Liverpool. Mr. EASBY-SMITH said his client could prove his innocence there and was ready to return. The defendant was then remanded to jail, as extraditable offenses are not bailable.
Assistant District Attorney ARTH, who represented the Government in conjunction with British Vice Consul Hugh ROWLAND, moved that “the luggage of the prisoner be impounded and certain papers turned over to the English officer.”
Mr. EASBY-SMITH sharply retorted that he had most of the papers of the prisoner, and these were essential to his defense. The attorney added that there was no authority for taking these papers away, and Commissioner TAYLOR finally ruled that he was without jurisdiction to force the delivery of documents in the hands of the attorney. Mr. ARTH asserted some of these papers belonged to the publishing firm employing RUSSELL, and this was promptly denied by the attorney for the young Englishman.
The charges upon which RUSSELL will return to England are that he obtained money on spurious book and advertising orders. RUSSELL’s attorney said the signatures to the orders were genuine and the contracts valid.

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