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Description: Society: Personals Page 9

Date: March 25 1915

Newspaper published in: Washington, D. C.

Washington Times March 25, 1915 Society: Personals Page 9


Mrs. John R. WILLIAMS is spending a few days at the Palisades with her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph LEITER.
Mrs. William F. McCOMBS, of New York, who visited Mrs. LEITER for some time and then stopped a few days with Colonel and Mrs. WILLIAMS, has gone to Atlantic City, accompanied by her sister, Miss Francis WILLIAMS.
The Spanish Ambassador and Madame RIANO shortly will make a flying trip to Newport, where they wish to establish the embassy for the summer.
Miss Margaret and Miss Effie SHARP, daughters of William G. SHARP, American ambassador to France, who have been in Washington for several days as the guests of the Misses TIMLOW, left last night for New York to join Mrs. SHARP and her son, George SHARP. They sailed today for Paris, via Marseilles. Mrs. SHARP went directly to New York from her home in Ohio. George SHARP has been in France with his father, and only returned to this country to escort his mother and sisters on their trans-Atlantic trip.
The engagement has been announced of Miss Hope NORMAN, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Guy NORMAN, of Boston, to Elliot BACON, son of Robert BACON, former ambassador to France. The announcement was made at Aiken, S. C., where Miss NORMAN is spending a few weeks with her parents.
Mr. BACON is a Howard man, and served in the Philippines with former Governor FORBES. He is at present in the banking business connected with J. P. Morgan Company, of New York.
Miss NORMAN is socially prominent in Washington and New York, as well as Boston. Her father is spoken of as a probable Republican candidate for Congress from Rhode Island next year. The wedding will probably take place in the early fall at Boston.
Judge and Mrs. E. C. NOYES and Miss Catherine NOYES, of New York, are stopping at the Shoreham.
Mr. and Mrs. Adolphus BUSCH, 3d, of St. Louis, arrived at the New Willard yesterday.
Miss Della SWOPE and Miss Margaret INGRAHAM, who are the guests of Senator and Mrs. James REED, returned this morning from Annapolis, where they spent several days with Mrs. Florence BLAKE. They will return to their home in Kansas City, Mo., tomorrow.
Among the prominent New Jersey people now at the New Willard are Mr. and Mrs. C. A. PARSONS, of Trenton, and Mr. and Mrs. Archibald RUSSELL, of Princeton.
Other recent arrivals of interest are Mr. and Mrs. B. Ogden CHISHOLM and their young daughters, Miss Margaret CHISHOLM and Miss Elizabeth CHISHOLM, Mr. and Mrs. Courtland SMITH, Mr. and Mrs. Henry YOUNG, all of New York; Mrs. Wolcott Howe JOHNSON and her sons and daughter, Miss Rosamond JOHNSON, Samuel JOHNSON, and G. L. B. JOHNSON, of Boston.
Mr. and Mrs. G. L. McCARRAH, of New York, and Mrs. Charles RIDGELY and Miss Dorothy RIDGELY, of Springfield, Ill., are guests of interest at the Shoreham.
Mrs. George T. MARYE, wife of the American ambassador to Russia, will return to this country late in April to visit the exposition at San Francisco, spending some time in her new home at Burlingame, Cal. Her small daughter, Helen, and her sister, Miss Flora DOYLE, will accompany her when she returns to Russia in August. They will make the trip via Siberia.
Miss Jane GREGORY is making a visit to Houston, Tex. In about two weeks she will return to Austin, but in April will go to San Antonio for the spring carnival, returning to Austin for the university commencement. She will reach Washington about the 1st of June.


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