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Boston Gazette
Boston Gazette
Contributed by Gigimo

Description: Husband Assaults His Wife. SEYMORE

Date: November 19 1745

Newspaper published in: Boston, MA

We are informed, that a few days ago an awful accident happen'd in Berwick at the Eastward; one John SEYMORE, knock'd his wife down with a gun, and then fell upon her with a knife, and cut her throat very much; she bled a great deal; the knife was very dull or 'tis tho't he would have speedily have put an end to her days; she was living some time after she receiv'd the wound, but her case very dangerous; and the man committed to goal. The woman being sensible of her danger, ask'd her husband to let her pray before he kill'd her; whereupon he immediately let the knife fall, and offer'd no more violence. The man seems to be very sorry, wholly acquits his wife of blame, and condemns himself.

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