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St. Louis Globe Democrat
St. Louis Globe Democrat
Contributed by Gigimo

Description: Mysterious Disappearance.

Date: February 4 1887

Newspaper published in: St. Louis, MO

Des Moines, Io., February 3.

The people of Leclaire, Scott County, are somewhat alarmed over the disappearance of Chris LAMES, a resident of that place for a number of years. LAMES, who is a German of very small stature, and about 55 years of age, retired to bed as usual on the night of Saturday, January 30. He appeared in the best of spirits, especially so as a son had just returned on a visit from Dakota. For some years Mr. and Mrs. LAMES have occupied different apartments. Sunday morning Chris got up before 7, attended to the chores and after building a fire, left the house, as was supposed, to go to the Methodist Church to build a fire there, he being sexton of that church. Mrs. LAMES arose at 7 o'clock, and having attended to her morning work, prepared breakfast, and her husband not returning, she sent her daughter to the church after him. The church was locked and no sign of his having been there was apparent. The alarm was then spread, but up to the present time no trace of the missing man has been found. Joseph GROSS and Arthur ROONEY are both said to have seen LAMES going north through Leclaire early Sunday morning. LAMES took no overcoat or mittens, so it is not likely that he could have gone far in the bitter cold of that day.

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