Rooks County Record
Rooks County Record
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Description: Miscellaneous News

Date: March 6 1896

Newspaper published in: Stockton

When the Cars go
Arrives at 7:40 p.m.
Leaves at 6:50 a.m.
Arrives at 5:30 p.m.
Leaves at 9:00 a.m.
17 Cents for Best Corn.
We will buy your Corn at the Highest Market Price and pay you in
Dry Goods, Clothing, Hats, Caps, Gloves, Boots and Shoes.
- Buy Garden Seeds of Callender.
Coolbaugh & Co. moved to Higgins' building.
- Callender sells every kind of Garden Seeds at low prices.
- J. A. SOUTHARD has moved his shop into the old Randall house.
- Plum blossoms were getting ready to burst when the cold snap came on.
- A few small loans desired on real estate security; call at the Exchange
- Israel MORRIS has been summoned to do jury duty in the U. S. circuit
court at Topeka.
- Mrs. J. G. SMITH gave a pleasant card party to a number of her friends
Saturday evening.
- Don't miss the "Drill" given by 16 young ladies at the opera house, on
March thirteenth (13th.)
School Books, Slates, Tablets Pens and Pencils, at druggists,
- March came in like a lion; wait till she goes out, and you will know
whether we are going to have a wheat crop.
- Mrs. T. R. MAY and Mrs. Geo. PICKENS have been quite sick the past
week, but are improving under Dr. LEIGH's care.
- Mr. Wm. SMITH left for the east Thursday evening.
- S. N. HAWKES went to Mankato Wednesday a-courting.
- MARTIN's the best place to buy Shoes--Hamilton Brown Shoes.
- The singing class will meet next week at 7 o'clock Wednesday evening.
- Mrs. R. S. COOLBAUGH entertained a number of friends at tea Wednesday
- Dr. POWELL went to Osborne Wednesday on business connected with
examining pensions.
- Justice McNULTY bound over the HOPPLE boys to the district court in the
sum of $400 each.
- D. B. SMYTH and J. R. BROBST were at Osborne Tuesday and Wednesday to
take the consistory degrees in masonry.
- "The Drill" and a good program will be given at the opera house, Friday
evening, March 13, for the benefit of the M. E. church.
- Ray SARVER, of Tenino, Washington, arrived Monday and will spend a
month in Stockton visiting his boyhood friends and looking after his
father's property interests.
- Henry MARSHALL, of Farmington township, has been appointed a justice of
the peace by the governor, to fill the unexpired term made vacant by the
resignation of Jack SHAW.
- For Sale:--My household goods, consisting of bed room sets, chairs,
stoves, tables, refrigerator, &c. You can see what we have by calling at
No. 7 Higgins flats. C. E. OATMAN.
- We do sell good goods for less than any competitor dare advertise and
carry out. Bring your advertisements and produce expecting to save
money. I will not disappoint you. RICHARD MARTIN
- M. P. BONEBRAKE has received a letter from his patent attorneys, H. B.
Wilson & Co., informing him that his invention is original and a very
valuable discovery.

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