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Rooks County Democrat
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Description: Micellaneous News

Date: April 2 1889

Newspaper published in: Stockton


Did you get April fooled?

To-day is a regular scorcher.

Elegant spring styles at Mrs. Park BELL's.

Dan HURLBURT's little boy, Ralph, is very low.

Ed CRAM was visiting his friends here last week.

Wait and see Mrs. Park BELL's new millinery goods.

Drs. LEIGH and POWELL have formed a copartnership.

Editor POWERS was over from Plainville last Friday.

Mrs. and Mr. Park BELL left to-day for the east to buy goods.

Nearly time for the windows to be obscured by fly : . ' : : - . '

L. C. SMITH returned home from from the east last Saturday.

Have you seen those lovely hats and bonnets at Mrs. Park BELL's?

S. E. WINCHESTER visited with relatives near Plainville last week.

The ladies conducted themselves very gentle nanly at the polls yesterday.

D. E. MILLER is building a fine brick mansion out on his Elm Creek farm.

Frank MONTGOMERY and Ben SIMMONS rusticated in Woodston last Friday.

C. E. BOOHER, late of the Plainville Times, is sticking type for the

Rev. FISHER went to Downs last Sunday to fill his regular appointment at
that place.

Our streets presented an animated appearance last Saturday, and business
was lively.

W. A. BINGHAM is somewhat improved in health, but not yet able to attend
to his store.

T. J. McCLELLAN returned Friday from a business trip to Western Kansas
and Eastern Colorado.

Gov. HUMPHREY has designated April 11th as Arbor Day. We should observe
it by planting trees.

J. T. MILLER and Chas. ZEHRUS, of Enfield, were in town last night and
attended the I. O.O. F. lodge.

Eggs are only 8 cents per dozen and the hens are on a strike; they have
too much * to work for such prices.

If the amount of business being done by our seed men indicates anything
there will be lots of planting done this season.

Look our for prairie fires. This is the time of the year when if the dry
grass gets a start and is caught by the strong breezes, sweeps everything
before it. Be careful about putting out fires, and don't forget to plow
around your houses and hay stacks.

Mr. E. F. RANDALL who was put in charge of I. W. GRAY's store at
Plainville by the assignee has returned home leaving the store in the
hands of the sheriff under an attachment by Buford George & Co. of Kansas
City. There is likely to be a big lawsuit.

Bell & Enix is the name of the livery firm at the old stand of S. P.
BELL. Uncle BELL, who has been having his eyes doctored by an expert for
the past few months, is now able to resume business and has purchased
back a half interest with Jack ENIX. They keep good teams and are nice
men to do business with.

The townships between Stockton and Bogue will soon be asked to vote bonds
to aid in the construction of the extension of the Central Branch between
those two towns and there is no doubt but what every township will gladly
respond. The extension of that road this summer is now an assured fact. -
Bogue Signal.

Commercial circles of this county were thrown into quite a flurry last
week by the failure of I. W. GRAY of Plainville for about $35,000. Mr.
GRAY's misfortune is deeply deplored by his many friends, and as there
are assets more than enough to cover the liabilities, it is to be hoped
that something will be saved him from the wreck.

Come and see the imitable Frank BEARD: a host in himself! Art, fun,
humor, anecdote and instruction are all combined in one evening's
entertainment - At Stockton Opera House, Thursday evening, April 11,
1889, at 8 p. m. Admission, 35 cents. No extra charge for reserved seats.
Tickets for sale at P. O. on and after Tuesday, April 2nd.

COOK, the wife murderer, is resting quietly in jail, that is, as quietly
as a man guilty of such an atrocious crime can rest, all thoughts of
trying him before Judge LYNCH's court having blown over. If sentiment
could hang a man he would have swung long ago, but it takes something
more than sentiment to hang a man. It takes sand, and strange as it may
seem that is lacking.

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