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Description: "I Found It So." - Miss Bradshaw Cured by Dodd's

Date: October 29 1903

Newspaper published in: Pittsboro, MS

Source: MSU Library

Page/Column: Page 3, Column 4

“I Found It So.”
McCormick, Ill., Sept. 28th. – Miss Ethel Bradshaw, of this place has written a letter which is remarkable for the character of the statements it contains. As her letter will be read with interest, and probably with profit by many women, it has been thought advisable to publish in in part. Among other things Miss Bradshaw says:--
“I had Kidney Trouble with the various unpleasant symptoms which always come with that disease, and I have found a cure. I would strongly advise all who may be suffering with any form of Kidney complaint to use Dodd’s Kidney Pills, a remedy which I have found to be entirely satisfactory.
“This remedy is within the reach of all and is all that it is recommended to be. I found it so, and I therefore feel it my duty to tell others about it.”
Dr. Dunaway, of Benton, Ill., uses Dodd’s Kidney Pills in his regular practice, and says they are the best medicine for Kidney Troubles. He claims they will cure Diabetes in the last stages.

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