The Watauga Democrat
The Watauga Democrat
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Description: An Appreciated Letter from Robt. L. Brown

Date: July 11 1912

Newspaper published in: Boone, NC


Page/Column: Page 2, Column 3

An Appreciated Letter
MR. EDITOR:- -I have just received the last issue of the Democrat and as usual read every line in it with as much interest as if it were a personal letter from an old acquaintance. Since I have been away from home I have got so much enjoyment and pleasure from the Democrat that I have a desire to show my appreciation for and sympathy with the Democrat's leadership in every movement which has for its purpose the betterment of the county.
So on this the fourth of July when the love of one's country is uppermost in our minds I think of the people at home. And as I review the pant year's record of Watauga County I am pleased to note that she is constantly bettering her condition.
The movement for a county fair is a worthy undertaking and will no doubt serve a useful purpose. But the one thing that has impressed me more than any other was the suggestion that proper action be taken to eliminate vote buying in Watauga County. This is an evil that is not at all firmly rooted in our County. However, every voter that is familiar with the politics of his county knows that it is practiced some and any is too much. A successful physician will tell you that a disease which may be easily cure in its early stage is often incurable in a more mature state. The parallel is plainly seen in the case of the disease of our physical bodies and in our political beings. I am anxious to see the young voters of the county lend their influence to this movement which has for its purpose the eradication of the evil of vote buying at elections. The practice of the buying and selling of votes has kept many worthy young men from taking an active part in politics. Let us now show our appreciation of this unselfish movement on the part of the older men by helping to create such a sentiment in the county as will cause the conventions of both parties to pledge their candidates against the dishonest use of money in order to bring about their election. If such a promise is made then young men can go to an election and vote their sentiments without being in danger of being approached by a would-be benefactor who would persuade him to sell his citizenship. It is easily seen that this evil is not only driving from the political arena many useful men but it is lowering the ambition and destroying the characters of many men. Let us set the pace by declaring against this destroyer of men.
Beaver, Pa.

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