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The Daily Mercury
The Daily Mercury
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Description: Will Hang With Her Paramour - Poisoned Husband

Date: November 2 1890

Newspaper published in: Huntsville, AL

Source: Library

Page/Column: Page 1, Column 2

A Woman Who Poisoned Her Husband,
An Accomplice Gets a Life Sentence
MONTGOMERY, Ala., Nov. 1. A colored woman was placed in jail here to be sent to the penitentiary to serve a life sentence for being accessory to a murder. Ann Patterson, Stepney Ford and Margaret Parker were arrested and tried before the circuit court of Russell county, charged with having poisoned Combus Patterson, the husband of Ann Patterson, causing his death. Ann became tired of her husband, and wanted to marry Stepney Ford, and at his instigation she procured the drug with which he was poisoned.
She administered the poison to him by mixing it with his breakfast. After eating it he became very sick, and continued to grow worse, until death resulted.
The wife on her trial swore that the woman Margaret Parker was an accomplice, as she knew of the poisoning, and that she showed her how to mix it. The jury trying the case sentenced Ann Patterson and Stepney Ford to death by hanging, as the principals in the murder, and Margaret Parker as an accessory, to imprisonment in the penitentiary for life. The woman asserts her innocence, and believes that before the hanging of Ann Patterson next month, she will make a confession which will cause her to be pardoned.

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