Abbeville Advertiser
Abbeville Advertiser
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Description: Grover & Baker's Sewing Machines - Testimonials

Date: March 17 1859

Newspaper published in: Abbeville, AL

Source: Madison Co. Library, Huntsville, AL

Page/Column: Page 3, Column 3

Family Sewing Machines
New Styles—Prices from 50 to 125 Dollars.
Extra Charge of $5 for Hemmers.
495 Broadway, New York
33 St. Francis Street, Mobile, Ala.
THESE MACHINES sew from two spools, as purchased from the store, requiring no re-winding of thread; they Hem, Fell, Gather and Stitch in a superior style, finishing each seam by their own operation, without recourse to the hand-needle, as is required by other machines. They will do better and cheaper sewing than a seamstress can, even if she works for one cent and hour, and are, unquestionably, the best Machines in the market for family sewing, on account of their simplicity, durability, ease of management, and adaptation to all varieties of family sewing—executing either heavy or fine work with equal facility, and without special adjustment.
As evidence of the unquestioned superiority of their Machines, the Grover & Baker Sewing Machine Company beg leave to respectfully refer to the following Testimonials:
“I think it by far the best patent in use. This Machine can be adapted from the finest cambric to the heaviest cassimere. It sews stronger, faster, and more beautifully than one can imagine. If mine could not be replaced, money could not buy it.”—Mrs. J. G. Brown, Nashville, Tenn.
“We find this Machine to work to our satisfaction, and with pleasure recommend it to the public, as we believe the Grover & Baker to be the Sewing Machine in use.” Deary Brothers, Allisonia, Tenn.
“If used exclusively for family purposes, with ordinary care, I will wager they will last one ‘three score years and ten’ and never get out of fix.”—John Erskine, Nashville, Tenn.
“I have had your Machine for several weeks, and am perfectly satisfied that the work it does is the best and most beautiful that ever was made.”—Maggie Aimison, Nashville, Tenn.
“I use my Machine upon coats, dressmaking, and fine linen stitching, and the work is admirable—far better than the best hand-sewing, or any other machine I have ever seen.”—Lucy B. Thompson, Nashville, Tenn.
“I find the work the strongest and most beautiful I have ever seen, made either by hand or machine, and regard the Grover & Baker Machine as one of the greatest blessings to our sex.”—Mrs. Taylor, Nashville, Tenn.
“I have one of Grover & Baker’s Sewing Machines in use in my family, and find it invaluable. I can confidently recommend it to all persons in want of a machine.”—G. T. Thompson, Nashville, Tenn.
“I take pleasure in certifying to the utility of the Grover & Baker sewing Machines. I have used one on almost every description of work for months, and fined it much stronger and better in every respect than work done by hand.”—Mrs. D. W. Wheeler, Nashville, Tenn.


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