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Description: Army, Navy Page 12

Date: March 26 1915

Newspaper published in: Washington, D. C.

Washington Times March 26, 1915 Army, Navy Page 12

Army and Navy


Capt. William H. PATTERSON, Twelfth Infantry, is detailed as inspector-instructor of Illinois, with station at Aurora.
Capt. Joseph C. KAY, Second Infantry, is assigned to the Seventh Infantry, and Capt. William R. GIBSON, Second Infantry, to the Eleventh Infantry.
Capt. Wayne H. CRUM, Medical Corps, is relieved from duty with Ambulance Company, No. 1, Fort D. A. Russell, Wyo., and will proceed to the Letterman General Hospital, the Presidio, of San Francisco, Cal.
Capt. Corydon G. SNOW, Medical Corps, is relieved from duty at the Letterman General Hospital, San Francisco, Cal., and will proceed to Fort Bayard, N. Mex.


Lieutenant (Junion [sp.] Grade) E. W. HANSON, commissioned from March 7, 1915.
Ensign W. J. BUTLER, to South Wells-fleet Radio Station, Cape Cod, Mass.
Ensign S. N. MOORE, to connection fitting out Nicholson and duty on board when commissioned.

Movements of Vessels.

Arrived Warrington, at San Juan; aPRKER [sp.], at Tompkinsville; Paul Jones, at Mare Island; Celtic, at Boston; Wheeling, at Guacanayabo.
Sailed Tennessee, from Beirut for Alexandria; Vestal, Patapsco, and Patuxent, from Guantanamo for Hampton Roads; Paul Jones, from San Francisco for Mare Island.


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