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Rooks County Democrat
Rooks County Democrat
Contributed by Gloria_Lester

Description: Miscellaneous News

Date: May 1 1888

Newspaper published in: Stockton


Register H. A. KENWORTHY is still very sick.

A nice rain Saturday, made glad the hearts of our people.

Frank CHIPMAN's child has been dangerously ill but is reported better.

Work has begun on the foundation for McKGIGHT's building on Market


Arthur DYER of Jacksonville, Ills., visited the family of D. W. RAWLINGS

a few days last week.

Jesse GRUBBS, General Manager of the Saginaw Lumber Yard, was in the city

a few days last week.

The gentle zephyrs became somewhat too vigorous for pleasure to

pedestrians a day or two last week.

Wes RAWLINGS, wife and child, came down from Concordia last Wednesday and

attended the wedding of his sister.

A little too much wind and dust Thursday, but Stockton could not help

that and everybody was happy just the same.

I. W. EVANS, our music-man, went to Zurich, Monday, to deliver an organ

he had sold to the Catholic Church at that place.

Messrs. MULLEN & FEALEY have erected a arge carpenter shop on Market

street, just south of Coffee's blacksmith shop.

The Directors of the First Building and Loan Association will meet next

Friday evening in the office of the Secretary.

Mr. and Mrs. F. P. CUPP returned this morning from their bridal tour and

are preparing to settle down to happy married life.

The Stockholders of the First Building and Loan Association should pay

their dues this week and avoid having fines assessed.

Miss Rosa WILLEY, of Beloit, who has been for some time the guest of Miss

Ollie KEABLES, in this city, retururned home to-day.

W. H. McBRIDE, of Osborne, representing the Pennsylvania Investment

Company, was going business here Wednesday of last week.

A peripatetic medicine vender was selling his wares on our streets Friday

night, attracting a crowd with music and by scattering pennies.

HURLBUT Bros. had a nice fountain playing in front of their store most of

the day Thursday, attracting the attention of all who passed.

What about the fair we ought to have this fall? Will our efficient Board

of Trade not reach out its powerful arms and draw this needed thing in?

L. B. POTTER is to occupy the next residence being erected west of the

school house. Lloyd is our most enterprising representative in the

grocery trade and always manages to be in the lead. He will have in this

one of the nicest residences in the city.

The Masons assist the G.A.R. in the observance of Decoration Day. Other

Societies were invited to participate, but it is thought that the

Military Company will take part, and this would draw so largely from the

ranks, especially of the K.P. an I.O.O.F. that they could not assist.

Hon. M C. REVILLE, D.D.G.M., accompanied by J. T. McCLELLAN and J. T.

SMITH went over to Plainville, Saturday, and that night instituted a

Masons lodge in that city. The lodge has been running for some time under

special dispensation and is now put in good running order.

Francis EVANS, Webster's enterprising newspaper man, was a visitor to

Stockton last Friday. He regretted having come "a day after the feast"

when he heasd what a big time had been had here the day before. He was

accompanied by his partner, Andy KING, and they carried a great big

railroad proposition home with them.

As the fragrant aroma of a fine cigar diffuses itself through the

atmosphere and steals languidly over our senses, it awakens a feeling of

deepest thankfulness to our generous friend, W. M. EDELBLUTE, of the

Cigar Factory, who presented us with a box of finest hand made cigars.

They are as good as the best and that they are Stockton made gives them a

still better flavor.

The well-known firm of BETZER Bros. has been dissolved by mutual consent.

Both the gentlemen will remain in business, I. L. making a specialty of

Farm Loans, while N. J. will attend to the law and collection business,

also retaining the agency of some of the best loan companies. They will

both do business in the office occupied by the old firm, over First

National Bank.

We would respectfully suggest to the Hobart correspondent of the Eagle

that the trouble of which he complains is no doubt a legacy left over by

the Republicans. Democracy can't always have its own way in Kansas. The

weather bureau is in charge of the general government, and is, therefore

all right, while these other things are matters that the state government

should control.

We understand that Messrs. Jack LEONARD and Ed. CURTIS have leased the

Eagle and will make the old bird scream for all she is worth.


Prepared by Students.

Miss Ida FARR, a former student of the Academy, called on the school last


We were not able to procure the programme for the next meeting of the

literary society.

Prof. MATHER and lady took a trip out to their farm west of town last

Friday afternoon.

The Board of Trade now has a membership of ten active, wide awake and

energetic members.

F. E. YOUNG now presents a rather one-sided appearance, because of a

severe attack of mumps.

One of the Academy students is quite a Poet. A few lines of his poetry

will appear in next week's issue.

Persons who are fond of good singing should come to the boarding hall and

listen to the male quartets given by the Board of Trade.

The "Academician," a monthly paper to be issued in the interests of the

school, is to make its first appearance in a short time.

This term of the Academy school is passing away very fast. It seems to

everyone as though it had just commenced, and it is now just half out.

The Literary Society on Monday afternoon was enjoyed by everybody.

The question of debate was well discussed. The debate was decided by

Prof. MATHER in favor of the negative.

The officers in the Literary Society are all ladies except one, the

Secretary, and we find that the ladies are just as well qualified to hold

office as the gentlemen and we see no reason why they would not be just

as well qualified to vote as the men.

Miss Maggie ATCHISON, who was a student of the Academy during the two

terms, was in the city on last Thursday visiting her old schoolmates.

Miss A. was one of the advanced students and her absence during this term

has been regretted by both teachers and students.

It has been said that no man can have two trades or professions an do

justice to them both, but we find that this is not correct as Prof.

WHITCOMB is teaching and farming both and doing justice to each. His farm

of abut 1-4 of an acre just east of the boarding hall shows that it is

being well taken care of.

Submitted: 12/16/06

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