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Rooks County Democrat
Rooks County Democrat
Contributed by Gloria_Lester

Description: Miscellaneous News

Date: January 3 1888

Newspaper published in: Stockton

Our ice-men are filling their houses with a very good article of ice,

thus insuring coolness and comfort for next summer.

The only man dissatisfied with the weather is the one who predicted that

this would be the hardest winter known for years.

Mr. Chas. ALEXANDER has been sick for several days with rheumatic fever.

We hope to see him around again in a short time.

Our friends of the Eagle have removed the "Kansas Live Stock Insurance

Co." sign from over the entrance to their office.

The New Year certainly made a good start so far as weather is concerned.

The first day was as pretty as could be wished for.

The Sunday School Institute at the Christian Church last week was full of

interest and well attended. No report has been handed us.

The County Commissioners are anxious to know who "Rosa" is. They have

before them a bill for a load of coal furnished her.

Stockholders of the First Building and Loan Association are requested to

pay their dues by Friday evening and avoid having fines assessed.

T. J. McCLELLAN loaded up his cigar wagon and started out to-day on his

mission of supplying the western world with Stockton made cigars.

Do not fail to see the great actress, Louie LORD, in her impersonation of

"A Wonderful Woman," at the Opera House on Monday, Jan. 9th.

Dr. BRAINARD has moved his office from the room he occupied in Bank Block

to his residence, whence those desiring his services will find him.

Mrs. D. B. HURLBUT was summoned to Warsaw, Mo., last week by the receipt

of the news that her father, Mr. J. G. PHILLIPS, of that city, was quite


"A Wonderful Woman," wonderfully played by Louie LORD and Company, at the

Opera House Monday, Jan. 9th. Secure your seats early and get good seats.

That the Building and Loan Association is prospering finely is fully

attested by the statement of its financial condition, which we will

publish next week.

The Band Dramatic Company is hard at work rehearsing "Rip Van Winkle."

which they appear 20th and 21st. By the way, what is there to prevent

this company getting a good crowd by visiting Plainville?

Our neighbor REVILLE owes us two or three dollars and seventy-five cents

for serving as a guide board to direct people to his office. Not a day

passes but what something less than a hundred enter our office hunting


Spurg CASE, who has been for some time at work in Topeka has returned to

this place and now soils his taper fingers in the Record offices in this

city. Wonder if some pretty Rooks county girl was not the magnet that

drew back our handsome young friend?

At a meeting Monday night of the Fire Department the following gentlemen

were made the officers for the ensuing year: L. C. SMITH, Chief; J. G.

SHAW, Ass't Chief; L. A. OSBORNE, Sec'y; M. M. SMITH, Treas. Better

selections could not have been made for the several offices.

The agent for the Louie LORD Co. was here last Saturday and perfected

arrangements for the appearance of his sterling company at the Opera

House on Monday and Tuesday evenings of next week. This fine company

will no doubt be given crowded houses during their stay in our city.

Al. MONTGOMERY and Bert NEWEL had a lengthy discussion of the tariff

question. Bert is full of Republican ideas upon this subject but Monty

carries entirely too many guns for him and is always loaded. The truth is

that Mr. MONTGOMERY is one of the best posted men anywhere in this

section and especially so upon this point.

At the present writing (Tuesday night) the old kerosene lamp is being

industriously hunted up, an accident to a pump having temporarily

disabled the engine necessitating shutting the electric lights off. "The

light of other days" looks rather dull and gloomy after becoming

accustomed to the brilliant light we are blessed with.

An altercation took place last Saturday afternoon between Messrs. W. H.

WILEY and A. S. WICKHAM, over a contest case, during which WICKHAM struck

WILEY in the face, inflicting injuries from which that gentleman has

since been confined to his room. WICKHAM was arrested and is to have a

trial before Squire SMITH Wednesday.

Submitted: 12/16/06

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