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Description: Shouting Their Praises - Richard Greenhon for Dodd's

Date: February 9 1905

Newspaper published in: Pittsboro, MS

Source: MSU Library

Page/Column: Page 3, Column 1

Shouting Their Praises
Kirkland, Ill., Jan. 2nd.—(Special)—Cured of the terrible Rheumatic pains that made him a cripple for years, Mr. Richard R. Greenhon, an old and respected resident of this place, is shouting the praises of the remedy that cured him, Dodd’s Kidney Pills.
“I had the rheumatism in my left limb so that I could not walk over ten to fifteen rods at a time and that by the use of two canes,” Mr. Greenhon says. “I would have to sit or lie down on the ground when I was out trying to walk, and the sweat would run down my face, with so much pain. I could not sleep at night for about five or six weeks.
“I tried different doctors’ medicines, but they were all no good. Then I sent for Dodd’s Kidney Pills and almost from the first they brought relief. By the time I had taken fourteen boxes of them my rheumatism was all gone and I can truly say I feel better than I have in the last twenty-five years.”

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