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Batavia Daily News
Batavia Daily News
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Description: Various general news: Ghost in Rochester, W Edridge sold his interest in the Republican Advocate, Order your Sheet Music of E.B. PAGE.

Date: April 7 1881

Newspaper published in: Batavia, NY

Second Edition
Thursday Evening
April 7 1881
Price two cents

Lack DEAN a resident of Lyon Street sees a ghost.
He is badly frightened and relates his experience with the Woman in Black--What others say about the Apparition:
Our readers are perhaps not aware that a ghost appeared in the city of Rochester some time ago which created a great deal of sensation among the skeptical of that city. It appears from the many stories that are floating around this village that the Rochester ghost has taken up its abode here in Batavia, and stationed itself in the vicinity of EAGER's[sic] brewery, where it has been seen at certain hours of the night and by persons who are well-known residents of that locality.
The "Ghost Story" as it comes to us is as follows: Lack DEAN a resident of Lyon street which branches off from Main street near the brewery, while on his way home at an early hour a few evening's since, saw ahead of him a person apparently dressed in female attire. As he neared the object, he said, "Good evening mam" but upon receiving no response he took a second look and was greatly started by the sudden disappearance of "Madam Ghost." Lack, according to his own story, took a "two-forty" gait homeward, where he arrived partially breathless and exhausted. On relating the story to his wife, Mr. DEAN retired for the night, since
which time we learn that he has been confined to his house, owing to the fright which he received. The occurrence has created a great deal of talk among the people living in that neighborhood, which will doubtless end in a more thorough investigation of this startling disclosure.
It is rumored that several other persons living in close proximity to EAGAR's[sic] brewery have seen the same or a similar apparition, which so frightened Mr. DEAN.
The Ghost's Attire.
It is said by those who have seen this ghost like woman, that her wearing apparel consists of a plain black dress and black veil, covering her entire bonnet. She is reported as being from six to seven feet in height and as straight as an old-fashioned tallow candle. Whether the excitement will result in a reality, or die away in imagination yet remains to be seen.
We advise three living in that neighborhood to be on their guard less some one else be frightened nearly out of their wits.

--More mud.
--Look out for the ghost.
--It is stated the Central railroad has expended $100,000 for snow shoveling this winter.
--Messrs. HOSMER & ALDERMAN, the "Yes" tooth-powder men, have placed a neat wagon on the road.
--DAILEY received sixty five fine cloth covered caskets to-day. Look out for his advertisement tomorrow.
--C.W. TALLMAN, the photographer, has just completed a fine photograph of the Masonic Temple.
--The Cuba News is now engaged in writing up the "nice young men" of that place. Their remarks in regard to the boys are unusually sharp.
--Can you dance the quadrille? My brother Bill can dawnse[sic] the quadrille, and goes to the bar and gets his fill, like any other pill--so be still.
--Between thirty and forty ladies of the Presbyterian church of this village, left for LeRoy this morning to attend the missionary meeting to be held there.
--SHAW & STILES in another column make the announcement that they are selling school books at a reduction of from 15 to 20 per cent on the old prices.
--The musicale at the Bryan Seminary last evening was an unusually fine affair. The scholars rendered the various pieces in a creditable manner and gave evidence of their thorough training.

Webster YOUNG left for Philadelphia this morning on a business trip.
Miss Gussie ISAACS of Caryville is visiting at Mrs. H.J. ENSIGNS, Bank Street.
James ANNIN, Jr., of the Caledonia trout ponds, is registered at the St. James.
Frank W. HEAL, who for a long time has been the popular bartender at the Washburn House, is now filling the position of clerk in the same hotel.
C.G. WILLIAMS, J.R. SOUTHARD, Cleveland; J.W. PATTERSON, Ithaca; and C.D. COOK, New York, are among the latest arrivals at the Washburn House.

New Millinery Rooms.
Mrs. J.B. HARMON has returned from Rochester where she has been purchasing a full line of millinery goods, which she is prepared to sell at a low price.
Mrs. J. GARDNER will be pleased to see all her friends at the above rooms.
No charge is made for showing goods. Rooms in DELLINGER's new block, over S.A. DUSTIN's drug store.

Ugly Canines.
This forenoon Bryan WAKEMAN, who is in the employ of M.B. ADAMS, the grocer, went to the house of Dr. POTTER to deliver some goods. He drove into the lane, but upon going into the rear door of the house was pounced upon by two fierce coach dogs owned by the doctor, and badly bit about his legs. He drove them off as best he could, but declares that his visits in that locality will be few and far between. His injuries, we are pleased to state, are not serious.

The "Advocate" Change.
Next Monday, William EDRIDGE severs his connection with the Republican Advocate, having sold his interest to his partner, W.E. WALKINSHAW. The latter no doubt will keep up the paper to the same standard which it has heretofore attained. Mr. WALKINSHAW has had considerable experience in journalism, and will without question make his paper readable in every particular. Our best wishes accompany him in the new enterprise and the double responsibility which he has assumed.

ATTICA LOCALS--Furnished Daily by our Attica Reporter:
Items were never more scarce.
Rumored that the next wedding will be a prime affair.
Prayer meeting at the several churches this evening.
The Baptist sociable last night was not very well attended.
Fortune telling is an amusement among our young folks now.
Ed. CHASE was conductor yesterday, Mr. TURELL being sick.
Mr. BENEDICT is adding many improvements to his corner block.
Hon. R.L. STEVENS and Mr. W.S. BROW paid the school a visit yesterday.
The sale of the Buffalo Times has been discontinued here. Lack of patronage.
Rumored that Batavia is to soon have another of our prominent young men.
Quite a number of Attica people witnessed the "Widow Bedott" matinee at Buffalo yesterday.
The Sunday evening services at the M.E. Church will hereafter commence at 7:30 o'clock.
Miss Maud BENHAM, of Batavia, returned home yesterday after a short visit with Miss Eva LELAND.
Don't be discouraged, dear readers, this terrible long, hard winter must come to an end after a while.
The scholars of the Union school were amused and interested by a phonographic exhibition yesterday afternoon.
Mr. James D. OGDEN and E.B. WALLIS are making interior improvements in their dwelling house on East Avenue.
The Cuba people are looking with solicitude to the construction of the link of railroad that shall connect their village with Attica, and we have much confidence that it will be done.
An old man was assisted into a one-horse wagon on Market street Tuesday evening. He was very happy and halloed and laughed so loudly as to attract universal attention. His helpless condition, grey hairs, and the necessary result of his unfortunate hallucination, made the sight a painful one.

Important Announcement!
We have decided that we will hereafter sell School Books at the publisher's New Price Lists, which will be a reduction of about 15 to 20 per cent on most books from prices heretofore sold at in Batavia. Our reasons for this decision are that we think the old list price gives a larger profit than is required to protect a dealer in the sale of so staple an article, and is more than the mass of those who have to buy school books can afford to pay. Hoping the above announcement will meet the approval of our patrons, we remain, Respectfully, SHAW & STILES.

Order your Sheet Music of E.B. PAGE.

"The Rose that all are praising" is the Moss Rose cigar sold by KENYON for 5 cents. Try one.

Immense stock of watches, clocks, jewelry and silverware at J.A. CLARK's --prices beyond all competition.

Butterick's Spring Styles at J.F. KENYONS', 70 Main street.

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