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The Memphis Daily Appeal
The Memphis Daily Appeal
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Description: Two Women Murdered;
Barbarous Treatment - Of Young Trapeze Performer;
Not Afraid of Mayor Harrison;
Crazed With Drink

Date: August 25 1885

Newspaper published in: Memphis, TN


Page/Column: Page 2, Columns 2, 4, & 6

=============== Page 2, Column 2 =================
Two Women Murdered
CHICAGO, August 24. Late Saturday night, in the sparsely populated section of Town Lake, Sarah Snyder, mistress of Cornelius O'Leary, was shot and instantly killed, and Kate OLeary, sister of the supposed murderer, was so seriously wounded by a pistol-shot that she will probably die. It is believed to be almost certain that O'Leary killed his mistress, and attempted the life of his sister, as shortly previous to the shooting the two were seen together drinking beer. O'Leary has not yet been found. The wounded woman refuses to say anything whatever about the affair. The occurrence assumes an historical aspect, in that Cornelius O'Leary is a son of the Mrs. O'Leary whose fractious cow kicked over the lamp that started the fire that burned Chicago.

=============== Page 2, Column 4 =================
Of a Young Trapeze Performer at Chicago
CHICAGO, ILL., August 24. A frail girl named Mercedez Cosaso, otherwise the "Cuban Wonder," who for the past week has been performing nightly at a variety theater on State street, was at the Desplaines street police station yesterday. The child was made to go through a series of movements on the trapeze, and her diminutive stature and the agility and skill with which she executed some difficult feats made her a desirable attraction. Her age is about twelve years, though she looks fully two years younger. After her performance at the theater recently the little girl met with a man in the audience who conversed with her in Spanish. She told him that on that afternoon she was beaten with a whip till the blood flowed from her nose and ears. She was at rehearsal and failed in a difficult act that was being taught her by Belletta Ducrow, a former trapeze performer. The child said that this woman took her from her parents, who worked on a plantation in Cuba, promising that she would educate the little Mercedez. The woman and her husband, Daniel Ducrow, also a performer, instead of educating the child, taught her to perform on the stage, and used her as their principal attraction. This gentleman reported the facts to the Humane Society. The child was found to be in a pitiable state. Her right hip was swollen to double its natural size, and it seemed as if the little one was to be crippled forever. This malformation, she explained, was the result of a fall she met with while practicing one day. After that she became strangely timid, and the woman was in the habit of beating her cruelly to get her to go on the stage. The Ducrows have been arrested, and will be prosecuted for cruelty to children.

=============== Page 2, Column 6 =================
Not Afraid of Mayor Harrison
CHICAGO, ILL., August 24. The Rev. Father Carten, with a number of residents of the Fifth Ward, called on Mayor Harrison last week to protest against cattle being driven through the streets in that part of the city. There is an ordinance forbidding such driving, but the mayor has manifested no desire to enforce it. When Father Carten entered his protest Harrison replied very angrily to the effect that he knew his own business. "I suppose you're here in the interest of some railroad corporation," he said brusquely to the priest, as the latter insisted that the driving of the cattle should not be permitted. He went on to declare that there was no good cause for the excitement which had been stirred up, charging that the priest was largely responsible for it, and undertaking to lecture him on the disfavor with which the Church looked on such proceedings. "I understand my duties perfectly, sir. replied lather Carten with spirit, "and do not need to be instructed concerning them by you. I also understand my rights as a citizen and the rights of the thousands of poor people whom you are trying to ignore simply because they have not the influence which few individuals seem to have here. Don't fear, sir, that I shall not fail to instruct them in their duties when the chief magistrate of the city refuses to do his duty.
Crazed with Drink
CHICAGO, ILL., August 24. A little excitement was created yesterday by a report that there was a crazy man at the Polk street depot, armed with a gun. Officer O'Brien and others went to the depot and arrested Louis Pyser, a tailor at 117 West Broadway, New York City, who had arrived by the 10 a.m. train. Pyser was crazed with drink, and had frightened the wits out of the conductor and passengers by entrenching himself in a closet and threatening to blow the head off of anyone who came near him. It was with great difficulty that Pyser was brought to the station. He had about $140 and three gold watches on his person, but no weapon. He will be examined by the county physician to-day.

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