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Gurley Herald
Gurley Herald
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Description: Letters That Came At Last - Missives of Many Years;
Chicago Holds Aldermanic Election;
Policemen Praise Peruna - John E. Ptacek, Michael O'Hallernan

Date: April 3 1902

Newspaper published in: Gurley, AL

Source: Madison Co. Library, Huntsville, AL

Page/Column: Pages 1, 4 & 8

=================== Page 1, Column 2 ===================
Old Missives, Written Many Years Ago,
Are Delivered to Residents of Chicago
Two letters for which the persons to whom they are addressed have long been waiting were delivered by Chicago postmen the other day. One was from William D. Howells, in New York city, and was written in reply to a letter from Carter H. Harrison, mailed 20 years ago. The writer of the other is not known, but it was mailed November 15, 1874, in Chicago, and is addressed to Frank McDonald, room 247, Palmer House, City. No one in the hotel knew the addressee, and it was returned to the post office.
When Chicagos mayor was 21 years old he was keen after autographs. On December 24, 1882, he wrote to Mr. Howells asking for a few lines in the authors handwriting. The letter was returned the other day, and on the reverse side of the paper was written: I have at last found time for subscribing myself. Yours very truly, W. D. Howells.
The letter received at the Palmer house was written on stationery of the Metropolitan hotel, which formerly stood opposite the Reliance building, at State and Washington streets, and was mailed at that corner. There were no postmarks except the Chicago ones. Nov. 15, 1874, and Feb. 20, 1902, to show where the letter had been in the 28 years since it was written. The envelope was soiled and time-stained.

=================== Page 4, Column 5 ===================
Chicago Holds Aldermanic Election
Chicago, April 1. The off year aldermanic election is being held here today. The polls opened at 5 oclock and will close at 4 oclock. The hottest fight has been waged in the First ward, where Alderman Coghlan, better known in many cities as Bath House John, is running for re-election against David J. Frank, who has the support of the reform organs. The Frank forces have made many charges of illegal registrations against the Coghlan camp, and on some of them the grand jury has acted.

=================== Page 8, Column 5 ===================
Policeman Praise Pe-ru-na
As a Reliable Specific for the Ills Incident
To the Vicissitudes of Their Occupation
[Photo of Hon. John E. Ptacek, Asst. Supt. Police, Chicago, Ill.]
John E. Ptacek, Assistant Superintendent of Police of Chicago, Ill., writes:
I used Peruna for a very severe case of nasal catarrh, and am glad to inform you that it has accomplished a complete cure. I have no hesitancy in recommending it to others.
Michael OHalleran, Lieutenant Sergeant of the Summerdale Station Police Department, writes from 1993 W. Monroe Street, Chicago, Ill.:
Several of the officers of our station have good reason to praise Peruna. Several times when they spent hours in the rain and came in drenched, a severe cold has followed which it seemed impossible to throw off until one of them tried Peruna, and found the finest remedy for a cold that a man would want.
Since then we have used it for colds, catarrh, influenza and all complaints following in the wake of inclement weather, and we all feel well pleased with Peruna.

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