Gurley Herald
Gurley Herald
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Description: Alabama Bonds Burned;
Albert Goodwin Passes Exam for 2nd Lt.

Date: March 20 1902

Newspaper published in: Gurley, AL

Source: Madison Co. Library, Huntsville, AL

Page/Column: Page 4, Column 4; Page 7, Column 1

=================== Page 4, Column 4 ===================
Two Hundred Thousand Dollars Class A Destroyed
Montgomery, Ala., March 15. Under the supervision of Governor Jelks and State Auditor Sowell, the state treasurer, Hon. J. Craig Smith, has destroyed surrendered bonds of the state of Alabama amounting to $200,000. The bonds were class A coupon bonds for $500 and $1,000, which had been surrendered and exchanged for registered bonds.
The burning took place on the capitol grounds. The handsomely lithographed pieces of paper were properly checked off by Private Secretary Jackson and the destruction took place in the presence of the governor and auditor, who certified that the bonds had been burned to ashes.
The statutes provide that surrendered bonds shall be destroyed within each two months of each two years. No bonds have accumulated before during the administration of Governor Jelks except once. On July 1st of last year bonds which had represented $91,000 were destroyed.

=================== Page 7, Column 1 ===================
Albert G. Goodwin, son of former Congressman A. T. Goodwin, of Montgomery, has received notification that he has successfully passed the examination for a second lieutenancy in the regular army.

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