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The Daily Mercury
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Description: Suspected of Murder - Of John Krimm;
Mills and Iles Arrested

Date: December 4 1890

Newspaper published in: Huntsville, AL

Source: Madison Co. Library, Huntsville, AL

Page/Column: Page 1, Column 3 & 6

================ Page 1, Column 3 =================
Suspected of Murder
LOGAN, O., Dec. 3. Sunday night Deputy Sheriff Bob Davy, Court Constable Hilas Chilcote and Billy Napier, of a detective agency of Charleston, W. Va., arrested and brought to Logan, on the affidavit of Billy Napier, M. D. Mills and Ham Iles, charged with the murder of John Krimm last September. Mills was arrested with Jim Black and the notorious George Blackburn soon after the murder. Black and Mills were released for want of evidence. Blackburn is still in jail. Black has not yet been rearrested, but will be soon. Iles has served a term in the penitentiary. The matter is now before the grand jury. The officers think they have the right parties this time, including Blackburn.

================ Page 1, Column 6 =================
A Condensation of Interesting Items on Various Subjects
M. D. Mills and Ham Iles are arrested at Logan, O., on charge of the murder of John Krim, by officers who claim that they have testimony to convict them.

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