Massachusetts Spy
Massachusetts Spy
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Description: Returned From the South. HOWARD

Date: May 29 1861

Newspaper published in: Worcester, MA

Mr. J. C. HOWARD, formerly employed in the jewelry stores of S. P. CHAMPNEY and Benj. GODDARD, in this city, but for six years past a resident of Montgomery, Ala., where he was doing business as a jeweler, has been obliged to leave that place and his business, and sacrifice his property, to escape being forced into the service of the southern rebellion. He left Montgomery April 30, having been on that day visited by a committee, who gave him only two hours to prepare for leaving the place, with his family, a wife and two small children, and no time or opportunity to look after his property. He lost all, including household furniture, and other personal effects.

Mr. HOWARD came by way of Atlanta, Ga., Chatanooga and Nashville, Tenn., Louisville, Indianapolis, and Cincinnati, and arrived in Worcester May 18. A vigilance committee followed him as far as Chatanooga. Twelve cars filled with eight hundred troops, for Lynchburg, Va., came in the same train with him from Montgomery.

April 20, the day before Mr. HOWARD left Montgomery, Jefferson DAVIS, with General BEAUREGARD (the latter having just arrived there from Charleston), came into his store. Mr. HOWARD cut the first seal for the "confederate states," and afterwards, six others, for the various departments. He got $25 apiece for them, but this did not secure him against the menaces of the vigilance committee, not save him from being banished and plundered.

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