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Democratic Banner
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Description: Local News[2 of 4] Page 6

Date: December 19 1922

Democratic Banner, Mt Vernon, OH Dec. 19, 1922 Local News[2 of 4] Page 6

LOCAL NEWS (con't)
Mr. and Mrs. Stanton BUZENBURG and Mrs. Floyd SMITH of Brink Haven were visitors here on Saturday.
Order your Christmas cakes, pies and nut bread from Oborne Bros. now.
Miss Gladys BARKER of Fredericktown spent Saturday here as the guest of friends.
Messrs. Paul M. ASHBAUGH and Judge F. O. LEVERING have returned from a business trip to New York.
Buy your Christmas at the Christmas Community Sale, Brandon, Saturday evening, Dec. 23, at 7:30 sharp.
Mr. D. POALUCCI of Columbus spent yesterday here as the guest of Mrs. A. SCHIAPPACASSE of East High street.
Mr. and Mrs. W. D. STOUGHTON of Newark spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Ralph SHUFF of Lock.
Phone 77 for prices on drugs and medicines. Free delivery. Fox & Steinnoff.
Mr. and Mrs. Hays WILSON of Fredericktown were visitors here on Saturday.
Mr. M. A. McHALE of Pittsburg was the Sunday guest of his sisters, Misses McHALE, of West Gambier street.
Mi Louise compact sets are sold exclusively at Ringwalt's toilet goods counter.
Messrs. Ed L. PARKER and William PORTER spent Monday in Centerburg on business.
Mr. Donald COLLE who is employed at Columbus, spent Saturday and Sunday here as the guest of relatives and friends.
Books for boys and girls of all ages an excellent collection of subjects that will be sure to appeal and please, at popular prices of 50c, 60c and 75c. The Book and Art Shop.
Mr. and Mrs. Bert CHAMPION have returned to their home after spending several days in Loudonville as the guests of relatives and friends.
Mrs. J. S. BECHTOL has returned to her home on the Old Gambier road after spending a few days in Zanesville visiting relatives and friends.
Hardware makes useful Christmas gifts. See our windows. G. R. Smith & Co.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph SMITH and son, Robert of Zanesville motored here yesterday and spent the day with relatives and friends.
Miss Mildred CONLEY of Mansfield spent Saturday and Sunday here as the guest of Miss Eloise McFEELY of North Park street.
Home-made candy fresh daily at Candyland, Danville, O. Christmas and all future orders received at Candyland. Danville.
Mr. Cedric SMITH, who is a student at Denison, Granville, spent Saturday and Sunday here as the guest of friends.
For home-made Christmas candy, call 1086 red. Orders taken daily.
Eat the loaf of quality Golden Krust bread at your grocer's.
Mr. Luman VERNON of Gambier spent Sunday here at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bert WARMAN of West Pleasant street.
Marmeilo toilet goods in Christmas boxes, fancy boxed candles, Chinese baskets. American Beauty Shoppe, 13 South Main.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank HUNTER of Brandon were Sunday visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James HAWKINS of Lock.
Tired of bakers' bread? Try Oborne Bros.' new Butter Flake bread it's different.


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